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  • Registered Social Worker
  • Newfoundland , Newfoundland, A1B 3X9
  • Phone: 1-844 -932-4333
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  • Session Fees: Schedule your free 20 minute consult: Online Scheduling: https://app.oncallhealth.ca/booking/lighthouseonline/steps/product/ Sessions are $160/Hr. I am an approved medavie blue cross provider & services are covered by many other insurance providers
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"People grow through experience if they meet life honestly and courageously" Eleanor Roosevelt

Has life been feeling overwhelming lately?

·       Have you felt exhausted trying to maintain balance in life?

·       Have you been feeling that your sadness and/or low mood are keeping you from engaging in life?

·       Have you been feeling anxious and worried?

·       Have you been feeling exhausted from focusing on everyone eles’s needs?

·       Have you ever felt “stuck” in your career/relationship/ life?

·       Have you ever wished that you could forgive those who have hurt you? OR yourself?

·       Have you ever felt that you are living your life on “autopilot”?

·       Have you desired to live life with more clarity, ease and meaning?

If you  answered yes to any of these questions than Individual Therapy can help you by:

·       Assist you in gaining new skills and increasing your self awareness

·       Assist you in managing stress

·       Assist you in making changes in your life

·       Assist you in gaining new insight into your problem(s) and in gaining clarity in steps forward

·       Assist in experiencing relief from overwhelming emotions, thoughts, and pain

·       Assist in providing a safe and caring space and a time for YOU to discuss and explore YOUR  thoughts, behaviors, pattern and emotions

As a Clinical Social Work practicing since 1996 I have extensive experience and training in evidence based therapy approaches such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Acceptance & Commitment Therapy and Accelerated Resolution Therapy as well as mindfulness and self compassion. Together we can help you move forward with clarity and ease 


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