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  • Licensed Clinical Psychologist
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  • Session Fees: I use a sliding scale to establish a fee for my clients. We discuss the fee issue and come up with an amount that is acceptible to both of us.

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      I see conflict as opportunity in life.  Pain is often an invitation to growth.  An experienced guide is what we most need to capture the moment and turn our “lemons into lemonade”.

      I have been in a men’s group for over 20 years. One weekend we took the time to allow each man to tell his life’s story … any way he chose to.  What became exceedingly clear over those 24 hours was that the greatest growth in most of our lives followed immediately after the deepest pain (i.e. death, divorce, separation, illness, etc.).

      If you are in pain let me help you feel it, move with it and allow it to guide you to the next chapter in your life.  The Buddha said that it is not the pain of life that causes us to suffer; it is the way we constrict and resist the pain that gets us stuck.

      For 40 years I have been assisting men, women and couples on their paths to happiness. The work is hard and the rewards are great. I use many different kinds of therapy in my practice as I do not believe that “one style fits all.” 

      Let’s sit down and have a conversation.  I can often give you concrete guidance to help you start to change your life right from our first meeting.  If you chose not to work with me after the first visit I will not charge you for the session.


      On the personal side: I have scaled all of Colorado's 14,000 foot peaks, I love to ski moguls, I get great joy from my four grandchildren and I relax by playing blues on my Gibson SJ-200.  Also I have become a competent horseman in the last four years.


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