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Huntington Comprehensive Treatment Center (CTC) is the premier choice for opioid addiction treatment in Huntington, West Virginia. Using medication-assisted treatment (MAT) to help adults age 18 and older achieve recovery, Huntington CTC can simplify your path to sobriety and be there to support you throughout your entire journey.
We know how difficult quitting opioids can seem, but you don’t have to go through this alone — our team of qualified addiction professionals will be there to guide you through the process. At the core of our treatment model is our individualized MAT program. MAT uses a combination of cutting-edge medications and therapies to help people overcome addiction and has decades of research supporting its effectiveness. By combining the best treatments from the medical field with a core psychological treatment component, people can find relief from both the physical and mental symptoms of addiction.
In the case of opioid addiction, there are four main medications used to provide substantial relief: methadone, Suboxone, buprenorphine, and naltrexone. While several of these medications have similar functions, some patients respond better to one type of medication than another. Huntington CTC provides all these medications at our premier outpatient addiction treatment center. We will work with you to decide what is best for you.
Methadone, buprenorphine, and Suboxone all work by activating the same receptors in the brain as opioids do, but to a much lesser degree. This can reduce or even eliminate the physical symptoms of withdrawal and make it much easier for clients to transition to lives in recovery. These medications can also reduce drug cravings and some of the mental symptoms of addiction, such as fatigue and anxiety. Naltrexone works as an opioid blocker, which means that taking opioids won’t have any effects. It can also help reduce drug cravings, giving many people the boost they need to maintain their recovery.
All these medications are used in conjunction with the best evidence-based therapies available. Counseling, provided in group therapy and individual therapy sessions, can provide people with healthy coping mechanisms to stay sober, social support for their recovery, and an outlet to speak about challenges and successes.
When you’re ready to stop using opioids, contact Huntington CTC today. With so many treatment options available to help you achieve recovery, it has never been easier to break free from opioid addiction. The addiction experts at Huntington CTC can show you how.

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