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Located in beautiful Shickshinny, Pennsylvania, Huntington Creek Recovery Center is the premier location for comprehensive addiction treatment in the Northeast. Our wide variety of treatment programs and options ensure that anyone who is struggling with an addiction can get the care they need.
From detox to residential treatment through continuing care, our team of behavioral health and addiction professionals can help you overcome addiction and start living your best life in recovery. For most people, the first stage of addiction recovery starts in detox.
Our medical detoxification facility can help adults age 18 and older through the withdrawal stage with several targeted treatment options. Medical detox means that you will have a team of medical professionals helping you manage uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms and attending to your safety. Medically managed detox can make drug or alcohol withdrawal more achievable with compassionate care. After detox, most of our clients enter our residential treatment program, where the real work of recovery begins.
Our residential treatment center has two wings: an adult program for men and women age 18 and older and an adolescent center for males ages 13-17. Our residential treatment programs offer an intensive, holistic experience for people who are seeking to escape the grips of addiction and achieve recovery. We incorporate all the best evidence-based practices that have been repeatedly shown to help people overcome addiction. These include meeting several times a week with an individual therapist, daily group therapy sessions, and several specialized groups that help people learn the tools needed for recovery.
In addition, we pride ourselves on providing best-in-class behavioral health treatments for people who have co-occurring disorders. Individuals who have mental health disorders can benefit from our individualized, experiential treatment programs and therapies that can help stabilize their mental health, give them skills to manage the symptoms of mental illness in the future, and reintegrate them within their communities.
Lastly, our Christian rehab center focuses on providing faith-based treatments for Christians who are battling an addiction. This program intertwines 12-Step treatment philosophy with teachings from the Bible and includes private counseling sessions with our chaplain. It also surrounds you with peers who share both your faith and your struggles, putting you in a unique situation to grasp your recovery and maintain it in the long term.
All our programs include extensive discharge planning and continuing care options.This is because long-lasting support from a treatment center has been linked to increased chances of long-term recovery. Before you leave our program, we will equip you with a solid foundation for recovery and a clear plan to maintain it in the future. You can overcome addiction with the help of the caring and compassionate treatment team at Huntington Creek Recovery Center.
Above all, it is our mission to help people break free from addiction and achieve a quality of life that lets them maintain their sobriety long-term. Don’t delay treating your mental health any longer: contact us today to start on the path to recovery.

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