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  • Clinical Mental Health Counselor
  • Family Counseling and Psychotherapy, 1421 Luisa Street, Suite O, Santa Fe, New Mexico, 87505
  • Phone: 505-465-9360
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  • Session Fees: $100
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Often, people come to me when they are experiencing stress in their relationships or when they are at a major crossroads in their lives. My goal is to help people reconnect with the forgotten parts of themselves, identify and develop their personal strengths, and achieve greater balance and harmony in their lives and relationships.  For me, psychotherapy is a process of growth, finding resources and new ways of life, discovering hidden capacities and learning how to live and work with ease and joy. Ultimately, it is a pathway to inner freedom.

Quite often, people come to me for individual counseling and end up bringing their partners or a whole family. Sometimes, people come for couples counseling and find that doing some individual work in parallel will benefit their relationship.  I work with any combination of individuals within the family or a group, following what every client’s citation requires to resolve difficulties, find harmony and balance, and achieve the degree of healing you are looking for.

I see individuals in context of their family-of-origin, as well as in relation to their collective or ancestral systems. Using this view, which is unique to my treatment approach, I may consider difficult behaviors or life difficulties to be possible symptoms of unresolved multigenerational pressures or unconscious system entanglements, and look for ways to address that.

Combining current scientific research and broad clinical training with ancient healing modalities, I created an unique integrated healing model that helps people find their way to living more fulfilling lives.

I hold Masters in Counseling from Southwestern College in Santa Fe, NM, and a Psychosynthesis Practitioner certificate from the Synthesis Center in Amherst, MA. I am a trained facilitator in the Systemic Family Constellations, both in Bert Hellinger and Franz Ruppert style.

I am a member of the American Counseling Association, American Marriage and Family Association, and Sandplay Therapists of America. I have also served on a Steering Committee of the Association for the Advancement of Psychosynthesis.

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