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From my earliest memories, my parents have always shared that I had a deep concern for others' well-being and a genuine desire to contribute to their happiness. They recall how our home became a sanctuary for many of my friends, a haven where they came for solace, kindness, and understanding. I was naturally inclined to listen attentively and take a keen interest in their struggles. Wholeheartedly, I dedicated myself to assisting my friends in resolving their issues. Always the joker, my father once suggested that I charge for my services. Years later, I took his suggestion to heart and embarked on a career devoted to helping others navigate life's challenges. I became a therapist.

In my therapeutic practice, I adopt an approach characterized by warmth, impartiality, collaboration, and open conversation. While I draw upon theoretical frameworks such as family systems, and structural and symbolic experiential orientations, I am also adaptable and integrate additional concepts and methodologies to best cater to my clients' needs. For instance, I incorporate play therapy and storytelling elements when working with children. Holding a marriage and family therapist license in Washington State, I have extensive experience assisting individuals aged 13 and above with a broad spectrum of emotional and behavioral concerns.

With two decades of experience, I have a wealth of expertise in effectively treating various issues. My areas of specialization include depression, anxiety, trauma, eating disorders, Oppositional Defiance Disorder (ODD), conduct disorder, ADD/ADHD, relationship and communication issues, substance abuse, anger management, work or career challenges, life transitions, grief, and loss.

One of my primary goals is to guide my clients, helping them uncover their core values and take ownership of their lives to achieve their goals. I am deeply passionate about facilitating the process of self-discovery, enabling clients to gain insights into their strengths and weaknesses, and empowering them to develop more effective coping mechanisms and communication skills. I employ diverse counseling modalities that encompass teaching, learning, and healing in my practice.

My mission is to provide vital support to those in need as a bridge to help them navigate difficult times. I understand that life's experiences can have a profound impact, leaving individuals feeling drained and overwhelmed. I acknowledge and honor each person's unique journey and experiences with the utmost sensitivity.

I firmly believe in the inherent potential for personal growth within each individual and our collective desire to lead meaningful and purposeful lives. However, life often presents us with unexpected challenges for which we may feel unprepared. As a counselor, I aim to meet each person exactly where they are in their journey and provide the guidance and assistance needed to overcome these obstacles. Whether it's an individual, a couple, or a family, I aim to support them in surmounting challenges and accomplishing their goals.

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