Jack Lewis, R.Psych., C. Psychol., AFBPSs.

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Some of my clients have never seen a therapist before, others many times.  All will have the benefit of my unique experience and the wisdom I have gained over my many years helping people move through difficulties. I show you how to find solutions you did not know existed and getting relief from inner pressures that seemed unbearable.  Our lives are the sum total of the choices we have taken, wisely, impulsively and sometimes reluctantly in the face of what life has dealt us.  It may seem we had no real choice.  All our decisions are influenced by our perceptions and beliefs and what really matters to us.  In difficulty or pain we can contract and limit our ability to cope and function.  My job is to gently, kindly invite you to open and relax and realize that you can change and circumstances can be modified if not completely changed.  I discuss how to live with what cannot change to see where you may inadvertently be limiting your own ability to move forward into a healthier more satisfying life.  
I am a seasoned observer of life who is trained to apply the science of psychology to counsel and teach you to widen and deepen your perspective on life.  My tool box is full of ideas and techniques and wisely applied these can help relieve the anxiety and depression you may be trapped in and provide practical ideas to transform your life.

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