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  • Licensed Clinical Psychologist
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  • Session Fees: Therapy fee is $150 per session. I do not bill insurance directly but can provide you with a "Superbill" for partial insurance reimbursement.
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Since it's hard to find and see a therapist, I take time to build a trusting therapeutic relationship with you that becomes a safe refuge over time. My role as a therapist is to participate in healing wounds, restoring hope, and creating beauty and meaning from suffering. This process is co-created between the client and therapist, and it's my honor to participate in how your story is being written. Although we talk in therapy about current symptoms or problems, my therapeutic style also sparks clients' growth and transformation at a deeper level.

People often say they're surprised how comfortable they feel sharing with me and that they feel more peaceful after we talk. They also tend to comment on how they appreciate my sense of humor. I'm patient in the therapeutic process while also trying to challenge you in life-giving ways, based on your readiness and comfort level. We create a therapeutic relationship together that nurtures healing, wholeness, and transformation. I also value character formation and spirituality.

Please visit my website - http://www.jackieparke.com - for more information about my practice.

I enjoy working with people from a variety of backgrounds and worldviews. Currently, my practice tends to focus upon teens/adolescents and young adults. Common presenting problems that bring people into therapy include depression, anxiety, grief, trauma, relationship stress, or role transitions. Sometimes clients enter therapy because they are seeking deeper personal or spiritual growth. Regardless of what brings you or your son/daughter into therapy, my role as a therapist involves seeing and knowing people for who they are now while also catalyzing their growth into the person they are capable of becoming.
Education & Training
I completed my doctorate in clinical psychology (Psy.D.) at Azusa Pacific University. I also completed a year-long pre-doctoral internship and two-year post-doctoral fellowship at the Children's Hospital Los Angeles. This represents an intensive level of training that is "above and beyond" what most psychologists complete before becoming licensed. My doctorate education and all three years of training were APA-accredited.
In addition to my clinical practice, I also teach undergraduate psychology students at Vanguard University. I have a passion for training the next generation of people who will be helping clients heal and transform. I've also taught internationally on the Thailand/Burma and Turkey/Syria borders, serving refugees and the people who care for them. I've provided leadership and supervision to doctorate-level trainees at Azusa Pacific University. These experiences of training others locally and internationally help transform me as a psychologist.

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