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I am a therapist and life coach who specializes in
relationships, codependency, love addiction, trauma, mental health, depression,
anxiety, addiction, self compassion and the enneagram. Do you ever feel like
you don't know who you are? Where you want to go? Or what makes you happy?

Together, we can find your way home to yourself.
 Perhaps Dr. Brenè Brown said it best: “Owning our story can be
hard but not nearly as difficult as spending our lives running from it.” As a
trained Brenè Brown Daring Way Facilitator, I understand that shame often
blocks us from living the lives we are longing to lead. I can help you let go
of powerlessness, anxiety, self doubt and the need for certainty. In place of
these compulsive thoughts, I can help you cultivate gratitude, resilience,

bliss and self compassion.
 I am a Dallas native who graduated from the University of
Arkansas with a Bachelors degree in Interpersonal Communication. I knew my
passion was to guide people through recovery so I pursued a Masters of Science
in Social Work from the University of Texas at Arlington. I specialized in
therapeutically counseling clients struggling though life transitions,
relationships, anxiety, depression, and addiction. I am also a Certified
Intrinsic Coach and am trained in Pia Melody Post Induction Therapy. Prior to
entering private practice, I worked at Contact Crisis Line, Millwood
Psychiatric Hospital, and The Greenhouse Treatment Center as a residential

 I believe the relationship between therapist and client must
feel safe, non-judgmental and empowering. I subscribe to multiple therapeutic
modalities so that I can individualize therapy or coaching for each client.
Therapy grants people the space to redefine meaning and make sense out of life.
Though we consider ourselves to be thinking beings who have emotions, it is
truly the other way around. We are feeling beings who have thoughts. Gone
unchecked, those thoughts can create painful problems and harmful behaviors.
When we ignore these patterns, we often compensate, hustle and act in ways that

are outside our value systems.
 Sharing your story and experiences fosters courage, hope and
self acceptance. Nobody can or should have to go it alone.

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