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 You're experiencing disconnection in your life and relationships. You feel stuck. Stuck in the same patterns, routines, and ways of communicating that aren’t working for you or your partner. It’s overwhelming to have the same fights over and over. You’ve read the books and articles. You’ve asked others for advice. Something isn’t clicking. Though your work with me, we’ll begin to identify those patterns that you may not even know existed. Once we’ve got an understanding of how we fall into the same cycle over and over, we can begin to change how we approach our partner and our relationship. You’ll begin to feel more safe in the relationship and connected to your partner. That spark that you thought was long gone, will begin to smolder and eventually burn bright again!
Or maybe you’re looking to work through some of the issues that you experience as an individual.

I see clients looking to work on several different areas in their lives. Some of these specialties include: Anxiety
Substance or Alcohol Use
You’ve been through so much. As part of the therapeutic process, we can begin to process and understand your experiences. The constant worry and racing thoughts don’t have to be so overwhelming. The fear doesn’t have to be paralyzing anymore. The lack of motivation or difficulty concentrating doesn’t have to negatively impact your work and relationships like they do right now. There is hope. Lasting, positive change is possible.
I have a Masters in Clinical Mental Health, and have received training in Emotionally Focused Therapy for couples. I have experience in working with clients on an outpatient basis, as well as, acute inpatient mental health treatment. I know that the process of therapy can be extremely challenging, and sometimes even scary. However, I also know that it can also be a life-changing endeavor for those who choose to take those first steps. You can do this!
Session Fee is $160
To schedule a phone consultation to see if we are a good fit call 404-692-3615 or email jhickscounseling@gmail.com

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