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My Approach
I am honest and compassionate. I don’t believe in throwing out clinical terminology from a textbook. My goal is to remove all of the bullshit out of therapy. During our time together you will learn how to handle your emotions in a way that keeps you calm and happy. You will learn skills, obtain tools, and gain experience that will leave you feeling confident to handle any and all of your future challenges. By discovering different parts of yourself, you will learn how you get out of the way of your own happiness. Together, we will find creative solutions leaving you free of unwanted emotional struggles. Regardless if you need to discuss issues with intimacy, anxiety, work stress, relationship issues, depression, anger, or anything else that comes to mind we can get you to a place of unfiltered joy. Every step of the way I will be honest about what you need to do in order to obtain the quality of life you deserve. At the end of our time together, you will become a person with unyielding confidence to handle any problem 
My Message
 You want a life you cannot seem to obtain. You crave to be free of unwanted thoughts and feelings. Despite your best efforts, nothing seems to be working. You just want to be free from the pain and stress. If only you can find what is missing so you can live a life of passion and joy. With all of the avenues you have tried, you are left feeling lost and confused. By now, you feel that the life you have might not get any better. You are tired, have no idea on what to do next, and feel you are running out of steam to continue. Good therapy is a balance of support and challenge. Great therapy will change your life forever. Together, we can create positive change that will last a lifetime.
About Me
 I am a guy who has experienced anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, and trauma. In essence, I am a normal person who wants to make a difference one person at a time. During high school, I struggled with depression. I had been admitted to a hospital for suicide watch. I was miserable and had no idea what to do. I’d bottle up my thoughts and emotions as much as I could until I would eventually burst. During my college years, I became apathetic and isolated myself socially for 4 years. I struggled to get out of bed and barely had any friends. In my graduate program, I struggled with anxiety. I would often l lose sleep, became irritable, and struggled with my image. In fact, I nearly quit graduate school just so I can run and hide from my own problems. But, I would not have changed any of my life experiences because they made me who I am today.

Together we can create positive changes that will last a lifetime. You too can create a life you are excited to wake up for. If you can envision a version of you that is always happy, always calm, always in a place of peacefulness, then we can get you there. The hardest step is always the first step and the first step begins with scheduling a consultation.
  •  BA in Psychology from Metropolitan State University of Denver since 2016
  • MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Regis University since 2020
  • National Certified Counselor since 2021

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