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  • Certified Clinical Counsellor and Supervisor, Registered Clinical Counsellor
  • 900-2025 Willingdon Ave, Burnaby BC , Burnaby., Burnaby, British Columbia, V5C 5J4
  • Phone: 604-217-6274
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Jane is a therapist who has been working in the field of counselling and psychotherapy in various roles since 1996. Having worked with youth and families in accommodation programs, school counselling, government and non government and private organizations in both Australia and Canada, she has a deep understanding of the various systems that require integrated team care plans, support, skills, consultation and, of course, individual therapy.

Jane has experience with a variety of mental health challenges including substance use, eating disorders, personality disorders, family therapy, anxiety, depression, ADHD and ASD, grief and loss and trauma. Her interests are particularly in trauma work with the body, eating disorders and family therapy. Jane is trained in a variety of models including Narrative Therapy, Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Emotion Focused Family Therapy, Solution Focused Brief Therapy, Group therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy. With the understanding that each person's journey towards health is unique and varied, in pace and the process, she believes wholeheartedly that it is an honor to walk alongside each individual and family who has the courage to reach out for help.

Working with families who have children struggling with mental health challenges, Jane is passionate about increasing the efficacy of caregivers and healing attachments. With expertise in the Emotion Focused Family Therapy model and attachment focused family therapy perspective, she sees caregivers and parents as experts on their family and works to nurture their family systems as a team. Beyond her therapeutic support to families, Jane is a skilled speaker and trainer who provides workshops and training for caregivers and parents as well.

Jane is also a skilled trainer and speaker providing clinical supervision and consultation to non-government agencies and training and professional development to schools. With a specialization in Emotion Focused School Support, Jane loves working with developing teams. Having delivered workshops supporting caregivers of children with anxiety and webinars working together with various modalities and EFFT, Jane endeavors to inspire confidence and provide concrete knowledge and skills for individual teams, developing programs and organizations as a whole.

With training in many therapeutic and supervision models and a background of providing training in counselling in both Australia and Canada, Jane offers a supportive and non-judgmental approach for clinicians seeking ongoing clinical supervision. With an array of clinical specialties, expertise in supervision and a diverse history of practice experience, Jane brings a highly supportive and specialized addition to a therapist's clinical work. Rounding out SITKA's sought-after clinical supervision services, Jane has a passion for assisting clinicians at any stage of their career; from completing their practicum, to obtaining their registration with BCACC or CCPA, to senior clinicians in the field seeking to maintain their high standards of service delivery.
Jane charges $157.50 for a 50 minute session for clients and $178.50 for supervision. The clinic location is easily accessible by public transport and by car. Paid parking is available. 
Qualifications/ Registrations:
MA. Counselling
CCPA Certified Canadian Counsellor and Supervisor
International Institute of Emotion Focused Family Therapy Advanced Therapist, Caregivers workshop facilitator. 

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