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  • Clinical Psychologist
  • 412 Newcomen Road, Exton, Pennsylvania, 19341
  • Phone: 610-363-1144
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  • Session Fees: Most sessions for individuals, families, and parents are 45" long; the fee is $160. Shorter sessions for younger kids and brief check-ins, and longer sessions for more complex situations, are available as well.
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Professional Background:
 I am a psychologist and therapist practicing in Exton (Chester County), Pennsylvania and have thirty years of experience providing evaluation, counseling, and coaching services to children, preteens, teenagers, young adults, and parents. In addition to my clinical work, I often run training workshops, speak in the community, and consult to schools and mental health agencies. I’ve conducted professional workshops and educational programs for psychiatrists, psychologists, school counselors, social workers, therapists, probation officers, caseworkers, school administrators, teachers, parents, and foster parents all around the United States and Canada as well as in Mexico, Russia, Croatia, and Germany.
I’ve written six books on parenting, counseling, and sport psychology, including the popular parenting paperback, Stop Negotiating with Your Teen: Strategies for Parenting Your Angry, Manipulative, Moody, or Depressed Adolescent, and a critically acclaimed book for mental health professionals entitled, Adolescent Therapy That Works: Helping Kids Who Never Asked for Help in the First Place. My most recent book— called a “MUST READ” by Parent magazine—is The Last Boys Picked: Helping Boys Who Don’t Play Sports Survive Bullying and Boyhood.
 Doctor of Clinical Psychology, Hahnemann University, Philadelphia
Master of Public Health, University of Oklahoma
 Bachelor of Science, Union College, Schenectady, NY

  On a more personal note:
 I’m the mom of three boys, two of whom are attending college, and one of whom graduated. I really do understand the challenges of parenting teens today and believe it’s important for parents to be informed about the social culture in which we’re raising our kids and find ways to remain credible and relevant. I am crazy about all dogs but especially Bullmastiffs and pit bulls. I love horses, have ridden since I was eleven years old, and have competed in the hunter/jumper divisions at nearly every major east coast horse show.

(For a complete riding biography and history, please visit www.sportpsychforriders.com).
 "Janet Sasson Edgette should have been fictitious adolescent Holden Caulfield's therapist. On the evidence of her new book, she is one of those rare adults who understands adolescents' obsession with all things "phony." She writes with chatty authority about what the experience of therapy feels like for teens, mapping the many shoals on which adolescent therapy can founder."  
- Jim Naughton, Senior editor, Psychotherapy Networker  
My counseling style:
Let’s face it – many children and teenagers don’t like therapy or counseling.
It’s boring. It’s uncomfortable. They’re not sure how it’s supposed to work. They are asked questions about feelings they don’t recognize having, and asked about their progress on goals they never signed on for. No wonder they don’t feel listened to.
I approach kids differently. I don’t bombard them with a lot of questions and I don’t try to “get” them to talk with me—an undertaking I find as insulting to us both as it is unproductive. Instead, I introduce a variety of topics and see which ones evolve into conversations that can heal, animate, encourage, stimulate, or inspire. I’m happy to answer questions, offer opinions, and say what I think is going on without ever trying to muscle any points across. I work quickly, but never rush.
Want to read more on this topic? Click here to read my article, “Why Teens Hate Therapy.” 

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