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Free 30-minute initial phone consultation

-I specialize in customizing treatment for anxiety disorders, especially obsessive-compulsive and panic disorders, as well as depression, for children and adults.  
-Christian counseling is preferred but I can remain secular.  
-I follow a cognitive-behavioral model and go at your pace
-My services are covered by most insurance plans, including Blue Cross Blue Shield, Magellan, and Value Options.  I allow an hour and a half for the initial session, which costs $125.  Thereafter, 55 minute sessions cost $100.  If you pay at the time of service, sessions will be discounted 15%.  
This is entirely individualized.  Some people come in only once or twice on a consultation basis, while some prefer to meet regularly for a few months.  Weekly meetings are suggested for the first few weeks, but I try to phase out as quickly as possible without compromising the integrity of the treatment.  I function as your professional adviser, coach, and cheerleader,  After working out a personal treatment plan, much of the work is often done at home, therefore, the frequency of office consultations can sometimes be decreased, however this is highly variable and will depend on each individual's goals, motivation and skills.  I do not have set office hours.  Appointments are by mutual convenience, but often late afternoons or early evenings; Saturday afternoon appointments are also available.  
I mail a packet to you ahead of time which consists of a Personal Problems Checklist, background screener, (medications, diagnosis, previous counseling experience, goals),  brief anxiety and depression screeners, and contractual and insurance forms. These will help you think through your issues and goals ahead of time and give me the information I need to be able to turn much of the first session over to you.  Instead of taking your first hour to ask dozens of questions, it allows me have a great deal of critical information prior to your arrival so that the first session is largely directed by you.  You can expect to leave the first session with a better understanding of the therapeutic orientation and stratetgies that I have to offer and a personalized plan of action that you can be comfortable with.  I suggest that clients bring a three-part notebook to the first session,  The first section contains your goals.  For OCD this may take the form of a list of obsessive thoughts and compulsive rituals or any maladaptive behaviors that you want to reduce or eliminate.  The second section will be filled with strategies, tools and techniques that we generate during our sessions to help accomplish your goals.  The third section is your victory  journal in which you document your successes.  
-For more information or to set up an appointment, you may contact me at 309 531-9415 or janetreckard@yahoo.com

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