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Life throws you a curve ball and you don't know what to do now.  Whether you're just not feeling like you used to, or your partner is not so communicative, or maybe you've lost a job or even a loved one.  These can be major life events that you've never encountered before.  Events, whether internal or external, can be upsetting to the point of pain and confusion.  Counseling gives you the opportunity to discuss your life, your situation, your concerns and your feelings in a safe, confidential and professional manner.  My work is to provide the relationship and the space to do just that.  
For over 15 years, I've been a practicing therapist for women and men, both individually and as couples.  I work with the LGBT population as well.  It often takes courage to begin the counseling process: speaking to someone you don't even know about your personal concerns, however, the benefits can not be underestimated.  Most people feel a sense of relief by the end of their first session.  It is my constant effort to have a genuine, caring and thoughtful approach to the person with whom I counsel.  My education at Loyola University Chicago emphasize the value of every individual person and I apply that value with every one I meet.  No two stories are alike although there can be similar themes which I recognize over time.  When you talk about your life, there will always be a uniqueness that no one shares. There may also be universal struggles that many share and you may not feel so alone when that is evident.
People often wonder how long will therapy take?  The following is how I break down three levels in which to approach the counseling time frame:
1 - Crisis Counseling - 4 to 6 sessions debriefing the crisis event and initial self care tasks for equilibrium.
2 - Problem Focused Counseling - 10 to 12 sessions focusing on a specifically defined problem and weekly goals for problem resolution.
3 - Long Term or Depth Psychology - 13+ sessions - This therapy is used when a person is looking for substantial personal change, requiring on going sessions weekly or bi-weekly.
Together, you and I build a relationship and a plan suited to meet your needs and situation. In time, you will see the strides you have made - understanding your self, your life, your world; feeling better and more improved; more of who you want to be and enjoy being. 

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