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My goal is to work with you towards a quick relief and ultimate solution to your problems. I do this by being an active listener to understand you and provide the tools to help you. I offer a treatment environment that is safe, positive, honest, and supportive. I am a very passionate person who has practiced over 30 years in the field of helping others. I have the ability to draw out the shy and timid that feel stuck in life, but can also handle the very angry and aggressive individual.

With past psychiatric hospital experience, it gives me vast understanding of severe psychological disorders. I work with adolescents, individuals, and couples with a variety of issues ranging from moderate to severe depression, anxiety, personality disorders, self-esteem, anger management, and weight issues to name a few.

I believe everyone can he helped when one understands the underlying issue reflected in various responses to life. I believe that sometimes what holds us back are deeply buried childhood trauma, shame, guilt, and lifelong negative messages. As a Psychoanalyst, I am well trained in helping people reach the core of their issues. However, having said that, not all clients need to deeply delve into their past. Many times, the current situation can be handled quickly and the therapy is always structured around the client’s desires. I’ll outline your options and allow you to decide how you want to proceed in the therapy process.

I stay current on the recent developments in neurobiology with a deep understanding in the ways our brains are wired. This information is providing new ways to become more conscious of our thoughts and our ability to create new neural pathways to change our thoughts, feelings, and situations. Research is increasingly establishing a connection between the mind and body illustrating the physical and mental ailments that result in these connections from negative stress, emotional pain, and physical challenges. With 90 % of our mental life being unconscious, we can be functional yet limited in our way of life or feel unfulfilled. All of these issues can be rewired in the brain with lasting and lifelong changes giving you the ability to respond differently and not repeat old habits.

Hence, you are “Hopeless and Helpless No More”!!

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