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  • Registered Clinical Counsellor
  • 970 Burrard St. (@Nelson), Vancouver, British Columbia, V6Z 2R4
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  • Session Fees: $175 / 50 minutes (Individual Counselling) ... $225 / 80 minutes (Couples Counselling)

Feel good about the possibilities that life has to offer.

    Are you seeing life clearly?

    Do you tell your family and friends “I’m fine” even though you know you are not?

    Do you feel physically, mentally, or emotionally exhausted?

    Do you say “not now” to your kids or partner more than you would like?


Who isn't feeling even just a little bit overwhelmed these days.  But when we get stretched too far, we start to lose the joy in life.  We can begin to feel pessimistic, out of control, alone, and confused.  We might start to experience anxiety, depression, grief, stress, or an overall sense of unhappiness.  Often we seek help ONLY when we are in the midst of a crisis.  It is important to take action as early as possible, not only to prevent further stress or illness, but to begin the process of creating (or recreating) the life we want to live.

Counselling can be very helpful.

Counselling is fundamentally about learning how to experience ourselves, others, and the world in new and healthier ways.  My goal is to support you in making real changes that will reignite the spirit you’ve lost and add meaning to your life.  When you understand yourself and your own needs, it’s possible to live joyfully and meaningfully.  You will find yourself looking forward to each day, spending time with your family and friends and meeting each new challenge head on with confidence.

My counselling process may draw upon any number of different clinically validated therapeutic theories including Psychodynamic, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Gottman Couples Research, and Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy.

Treatment Approach

My therapeutic practice is based on the premise that you are the expert in your own life. Your innate wisdom, strengths, needs and values will be the compass that guides the therapy and ultimately leads to a more meaningful and purposeful existence.  We work together collaboratively to a) identify the challenges that are negatively impacting you, b) identify the goals that you will accomplish in therapy, and c) generate positive change.

Therapy is ALWAYS uniquely tailored to the client

I recognize that it takes a tremendous amount of courage to seek help. Making change can be exciting and positive, but it takes determination, focus and effort. With each of my clients I ensure that we are always working toward their goals in a manner that is consistent with a process that works for them.

Every Session Satisfaction Guarantee

Research demonstrates that the therapeutic alliance between the counsellor and client is pivotal for the therapy to be successful. My Every Session Satisfaction Guarantee allows you to have faith in our process. If you are not satisfied with any session you receive with me, you do NOT have to pay.  I believe in the quality of the service I bring to the community and I stand behind it 100%, regardless if it is your first session or any subsequent visit.


Life should be ENJOYED, not endured.

It is my mission to help people make positive change.  I help people get "unstuck" by assisting them to reconnect to the people, goals and values that mean the most.  People often report feeling re-awakened with a renewed sense of confidence, passion, and perspective.

I invite you to call me at (604) 614 – 7177 to set up a free and confidential phone consultation to hear how I can work for you.

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