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Real LifeI'm a Husband and Dad who experiences the ups and downs of relational life like anybody else. In fact, good therapists very often have "been there", survived, and come out better for it eager to help others do the same. I'm no different (my wife will gladly confirm this!) -- I'm learning as I go, improving along the way, and along with my specialized training and lengthy experience, I love helping others move forward into better relationships too.

Relationship Expertise

Though I've studied in more rarified confines from Madison, WI, to Oxford, England, I count my most recent training at UW-Stout as the grandest experience of them all. Sounds like a contradiction, I know! But who knew that UW-Stout is one of the eldest and most prestigious places to study Marriage and Family Therapy in the United States and certainly the most respected program in the Twin Cities area.

Unlike more individually minded therapists, my training is all about relationships. Even the individual therapy that a Marriage and Family Therapist does is grounded in an understanding of human relationships and systems of interaction. Unlike other branches of psychotherapy that locate problems inside people or as part of their personality, Marriage and Family Therapists diagnose the spaces between people as much as anything else.

Another difference you may have noticed already, some therapists because of their training would never share this much about themselves as they find it important to maintain a clinical distance and expert role. My conviction is that relationships...real ones...are healing, so I'll be human in our sessions, I'll share about myself when it seems useful (but never at the expense of clinical attention being centered on you), and I'll never look down my nose at you.

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