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You Can Overcome Social Anxiety & Get Over Shyness 
 Social Confidence Training Online Coaching & Educational Programs
Are feelings of shyness, lack of confidence or social skills making you feel isolated and frustrated?
Feel more confident, make friends, boost your self esteem and learn how you can be relaxed in any social situation.
Learn in person or online if you prefer.
Join my in-person private coaching programs, online web-based personal coaching or online group educational programs. 
You will receive:
  • a customized plan built to help you define and achieve your goals 
  • step by step exercises designed to increase confidence and social skills 
  • built-in accountability to help you stay on track
  • support from a community of friendly like-minded fellow learners
  • your choice of in-person coaching, web video based coaching, or DIY online programs

Skills you will learn:

  • self esteem boosters
  • conversation skills including small talk and business networking 
  • shutting down negative self-critical and catastrophic thought patterns 
  • body language techniques that increase confidence
  • mindfulness practices to center, focus and calm yourself anywhere
  • becoming more spontaneous
  • creating healthy relationship boundaries
  • meeting people, making friends, dating

How you can benefit*:
  • feel more relaxed and confident
  • start feeling good about who you are, proud to be you
  • create your own social circle
  • no more extreme worry about what others think
  • increased sense of self worth 
  • feel comfortable meeting people
  • feel comfortable talking to coworkers, family friends and random people
  • increased capability at work
  • no more feeling that your life is "on hold"

* my online coaching and programs are skills building based (not just knowledge based), and any benefits you achieve require that you complete all of the training and do the exercises. While it's interesting to read and learn about social confidence, it's so important to go out and try the exercises, learn from feedback and dedicate time each day to learning and practicing.
You are busy. You are comfortable online. You can start where you feel most comfortable.
With my online based programs you can learn online, practice new skills on your own schedule and obtain feedback, accountability and support to keep you on track. 
We progress step by step so you are challenged but never overwhelmed. 
If you experience social anxiety or shyness everyday or if you just want to improve on certain aspects of social confidence, you are in the right place. 
You are a worthy, wonderful person. The world needs the contributions only you can make. Let's get you out there feeling confident, comfortable, relaxed and important. You deserve to feel great about yourself, accomplish what you want, have healthy intimate relationships and have fun!
Go to my web site now to find out how you can get more information and receive special bonuses. 

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