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My intention is to provide a calm, non-judgemental place to open discussion about your life.  There are many variables that have gone into creating the situation you are currently experiencing in your life.  There are also many variables to consider when planning a path for change.  
I believe that people as multi-layered beings…physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and relational. I understand that family, marriage, career, personal health and wellness, and finding one's life purpose are at heart of most people's lives. I also understand the difficult task most of us face in creating a healthy balance between these priorities.
I am passionate about helping people move toward their personal potential, find their optimal life path, and live their best lives possible.
While I continue to offer hourly sessions, I now also offer PREMIUM PACKAGES for people who want something more than the traditional hourly session format.  These packages are packed full of high value offerings to give you a push for creating fast change in your life. 
The packages that I currently offer are:
  1. 90 Days to a Life of Purpose
  2. Train your Brain to Think like a 21st Century CEO 
  3. Divorce-Proof your Marriage (a premarital course)
  4. Relationship Rescue (for relationships that need a boost in a positive direction)
  5. 90 Days to a Freer You (letting go of past negative experience)

If you are interested in one of the packages, please send me an email and I will send you an information sheet to let you know exactly what you`d get from the package, so you can think about whether it would be a good fit for your schedule at this time. 
I love to help people improve the quality of their relationships.  Relationship skills are what I specialized in during my graduate training because I find relationships so fascinating.  Relationships skills are crucial to success of every kind.  Just think about it, every aspect of your life is influenced by how well you manage yourself in relationships. 
Leadership skills are basically using high level relationship skills to empower others, guide a group of people towards a goal, and stay true to your values.  This is true whether you are in the leadership role of a parent or a high level CEO.  In working with me, not only will you increase your "Relationship IQ", but you will also learn how to predict the patterns within relationships, be calm under pressure, and influence your relationships towards a positive outcome.   
Give me a call or email to get started! 
Tuesday, Thursday, Friday from 9-3 
Professional Credentials
Registered Psychologist in both Alberta and Saskatchewan
M. Sc. (Masters of Science) in Marital and Family Therapy - Loma Linda University - Canadian Campus
M.T.S. (Masters of Theological Studies) from Concordia Lutheran Seminary
B.A. honours in Psychology
B.Mus. honours in Piano Performance
Professional Affiliation 
College of Alberta Psychologists 
Psychologists Association of Alberta
Canadian Register of Health Service Psychologists 

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