Jennifer Pinkerton, LMFT-Associate, CTP- C-PD

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The journey to do emotional work is not an easy one. I have experienced my own personal work and growth in my life and can meet you in yours in therapy with compassion, vulnerability and empathy. Our life experiences can manifest in many ways and those trauma responses can morph into patterns that leave us feeling powerless and lost. We can be driven by unconscious primary emotions that keep us in a triggered and reactive cycle when we are seeking secure and loving connections. As a change agent and a connection expert, I can assist you in your ability to connect with others and thrive.

My clients vary from individuals and couples dealing with conflict, sexual issues, trauma, personality disorders, relationship concerns, shame, infidelity, lack of self-worth, depression, divorce, parenting, premarital work and codependency. Having the courage to navigate through feelings and learning what makes us who we are is transformational.
My therapeutic approach is collaborative with a systemic approach from an attachment lens perspective. I enjoy working with people from all backgrounds and incorporate each person’s own values, beliefs, and expertise in their own life. I provide a non-judgmental and safe space to share. I respect the courage it takes and honor your experience.

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