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  • Registered Psychotherapist, OT, Clinical Supervision
  • Discreet rural location & Eganville. ON , Brighton/Trenton/Cobourg/Campbellford , Ontario, K0K 1S0
  • Phone: 1 866 272 3729
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  • Session Fees: Sliding scale available. Coverage by VAC/Blue Cross various other Private Insurance. Approved provider through Victim Services. Accepting VISA and MasterCard. No longer accepting auto-insured clients.
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 PLEASE NOTE:  My practice and wait list is currently closed for new referrals. Good luck in your search for a compassionate and challenging care provider and please never give up; healers come in many forms and functions...Epiphanies are possible. ANYTHING is possible. Please err on the choice of  LOVE & LIFE in the tiniest, increment(s) you can. Who knows? You may just ignite a Universe! 

Some urgencies require contact with emergency, medical services immediately however so please call 911 or a local Crisis Line if you have the need. Kindest to you!      
 "You'll never change your life until you change something you DO daily. The secret of your success is found in your daily routine."~ Dr. Laura Schlessinger
A warm welcome to anyone seeking to grow, accept, heal and co-create a meaningful life for themselves, their families and community.  It is nevetoo late!  You have reached ARC therapy services which is both an acronym for Acceptance, Resolution and Creation but also a representation of my general service philosophy that honours our life stories, even the troubling ones, as an unfolding that propels us through time and space, whether we are aware of it or not.  Becoming aware is often the beginning of an opportunity for discovery that illuminates choices, generates calm and promotes enriched connections.  Sometimes psychotherapy is an effective way (but definitely not the only way!) to better understand the arc(s) of life, fix problems and orient to the natural and man-made forces of life. Through the process of psychotherapy, some people achieve better balance and are even able to access reserves of creativity that can be nothing less than transformative. 

 I am Jessica and like some folks I have had a somewhat unconventional life path and been through a lot, and seen some extreme things (though not everything thankfully, of course). Clients of mine however never have to worry about “my stuff”, because it is my personal responsibility and professional obligation to take care of myself so that I can be present, attentive and whole-minded with clients. The good thing about having had lots of unique personal experiences is that nothing much surprises or shocks me!  My professional designation(s) are that of both Registered Psychotherapist (RP) & Occupational Therapist (OT). I am also trained in Hypnotherapy, Acupuncture and Counselling Psychology. Having a foundation as an OT-Psychotherapist, has influenced my idea that our lives are largely a manifestation of what we do (most importantly what we do next) and how we think and feel about what we do (or don’t do). 

My approach is eclectic depending on the client(s) and generally served within a humanistic/existential frame. Meaning and meaning-making are cherished values of my practice, and often fuel and steer the course of therapy. It is not surprising then that I frequently turn to the following highly effective, scientifically supported therapeutic tools: cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT--a therapy about thinking and doing) and dialectical behaviour therapy (DBT--a therapy about the radical acceptance of multiple truths, deep awareness of immediate conditions and ways to calm our emotions without harming ourselves or others)My training in Occupational Therapy, Sensory Integration and EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) and ongoing professional development has made me aware of certain sensory/bilateral/integrative therapies  that may help calm emotions and nervous systems that are out of balance. Currently I am pursuing study of evidence-based approaches to couples counselling such as emotionally focused therapy (EFT) Science has had much to contribute to the practice of counselling, but I am not married to any single approach. My goal is to discern, synthesize and offer an individual/couple the best intervention on the right occasion. 
 Besides techniques, protocols and best-practice models, the scientific literature continually supports the finding that the rapport or “fit” between therapist and client is frequently more predictive of success than any tool in the professional tool box. There is alchemy happening in all relationships all the time, and the trust and process between therapist and client, though contained and governed by a code of ethics, is no different. I pay careful attention to this fit and like to examine these dynamics with clients if they are enlightening. My strong suggestion is that anyone shopping for counselling be mindful of their perceptions and trust their "gut" about the practitioner they hire.
 My practice also incorporates approaches that are less scientifically embraced, but have proud and long histories of relieving people. Rather than treatments, these are healing traditions, and include selective self-stimulation of acupressure points, hypnosis, breath-work, release exercises, spiritual ritual and/or imagery manipulation. These interventions have been known to bring about increased serenity, smoother relationships, help regulate emotions and promote conditions for inspiration and creativity. Interestingly, both evidence based therapies and the healing traditions invoke change through a gentle, compassionate and rewarding process of self-discipline (intentional doing and/or non-doing).
 "...if you’re afraid, look to somebody who isn’t. They’ll give you the courage to make the play and keep your feet moving."  
  ~ Hayley Wickenheiser, 4 x Canadian Olympic Gold Medalist, Canadian Flag Bearer & possibly "the best womens' hockey player in history"...[Ron MacLean]       This practice is limited, and has nearly always operated through attraction and word-of-mouth referral. Please call 1866 272 3729 and leave a brief message and I will contact you for a free phone screening. If my practice is full, or we figure I am not the best service provider for your needs, I will do my best to refer you to an alternate provider. 
Jessica Stephens OT(reg)Ont.,MA,RP


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