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Hi, I'm Dr. Fisher. With so many therapists out there, have you ever wondered how to make the right decision in choosing your ideal therapist for your needs? Define what you’re looking for in a therapist (think personality characteristics), what you hope to get out of your investment (think short-term and long-term goals), and you’ll have a clearer picture to help make your decision. I’m a clinically and behaviorally trained, licensed psychologist, but it’s easier to understand my philosophy and the value of my work when you think of me as a life-fulfillment psychologist. I help individuals struggling with depression, social anxiety, or feeling undervalued create more meaning and fulfillment in their lives. Through our work together, those who feel stuck and helpless relearn to live their lives with love and meaning. I guide them through unhelpful patterns of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors to connect with their friends, family, and their communities to make a significant difference.  Much of our unhelpful behaviors stem from subconscious messages we were taught and grew to believe, and we hold ourselves back because somewhere along the way, others’ perceptions of reality became our own. Utilizing evidence-based strategies from treatment modalities like CBT and DBT, you’ll learn strategies to take back your life. I tailor and personalize your treatment to best fit your needs – that means we’ll be learning a lot of techniques that are not only evidence-based but effective for you. 
In our work together, you will create and shape your own significance in addition to building your own reality. Most importantly, you’ll learn to shake your limiting beliefs so that you can wake up every morning excited to bounce out of bed. I’ve personally been there, undervalued my presence and worth, and shut down my intuitive cry for wanting to live a life as I saw fit. I lived my life as others believed I should. Feeling uninspired and empty, I sought education, practice, and training to shape my life. Now it’s your turn. Let me help you turn your life around to the life you want to live. How do you want to show up in the world?

This is an investment in your life, make the right choice today. Are you struggling with depression, social anxiety, transitions, or feeling undervalued? What would you like from my services: self-love, autonomy, growth/inspiration? How would you feel about waking up excited every morning, and taking charge of your life to show up in your world the way you know you can?

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