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Feeling hopeless? Lonely? Thinking you are worthless, broken or a failure? Feeling sad, scared, ashamed and so alone in your pain? Perhaps you feel lost and uncertain that you will ever move out of this overwhelming place. Maybe you are waking up and feeling like it takes all of your energy just to fake it through you day. Dreading going home and finding yourself numbing in ways you know is unhealthy and you're too embarrassed to tell others about? Desperate for anything that can provide some relief from this despair and pain? I am here to be a guide and help you find your emotional compass to navigate out of this darkness.

You want to wake up feeling happy, energized and hopeful. You long to re-experience joy and excitement about your life. You want to remember what it is like to love and trust, and to feel loved. You want to feel like you have meaning in your life and that there are people who truly care about you. You dream of feeling whole, appreciated, and important.

Though you wish there was a magic wand to rid you of this hurt, our work together can help you obtain the happiness you seek. We meet virtually in the most comfortable and private environment of your choosing. On-line therapy offers you the greatest flexibility and convenience with less hassle. Click on my website link now to learn more and begin healing.

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