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THE NEW MENTAL HEALTH FOR AWOKE FOLK: You feel like an 'other'. You tend to prioritize other people’s needs over your own. You are highly compassionate and get overwhelmed by strong emotions. You likely feel alone and misunderstood. You have gifts, abilities and strange occurrences that people think are weird or 'crazy'. Perhaps, you are struggling with a heaviness and pain that does not seem to resolve--despite all of your attempts at healing. You strive to live a life that reflects the most authentic you but are hitting those programming walls of worthiness issues or the "yeah buts".

You crave meaningful connection and purpose in your life. You want to design and create the life you are meant to live. You dream of feeling in alignment with your purpose and joy in life. You need something more than traditional talk therapy. You need a guide to help navigate life and higher dimensional living.

As an Intuitive, a therapist, a coach, and an energy healer--I get it. There is a way out of this hurt and heaviness. You CAN create and live the life you were designed to. I invite you to snoop my website link to learn more, to discern if we are a fit, and to begin your healing. I offer a blend of modalities to address your multidimensional needs.

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