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Joanne holds a Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy (MFT) from Pepperdine University (Los Angeles, Ca.), and is a Ct. Licensed Professional Counselor. For over a decade, she has gained knowledge and experience with evidence based practices, such as cognitive behavioral therapy, trauma-focused therapy and systems theory. 
As a potential and current client, you should feel unafraid to speak openly, there should be no fear of judgement, and you should feel free in expressing every vulnerability you are experiencing. It has been empirically shown one of the very most important aspects of a successful counseling experience is the result of the client finding the right therapist for their particular needs and goals.
What Joanne brings to the therapeutic process is a unique combination of life experience, a prior career in corporate America, community involvement including being a member of and co-chairing state-wide work groups focused on improving the lives of children, a decade of providing guidance, support and counseling to people in need, a sense of humor about life, and an easy-going personality. 
Due to her previous extensive work with trauma and abuse, Joanne became interested in resiliency and ability to thrive, the ability to adapt to change and self-empowerment. She began researching how people differ, how some people thrive and prosper, despite their traumatic, hurtful or negative experiences. It became clear to her that the success of thriving people had less to do with the experience itself, and more to do with how they viewed, talked about and responded to the life-altering event.
It may feel scary for you to seek help; to make that first call- Please know that seeking help is not a weakness, seeking help is a strength that will possibly forever change your life and the lives of those you love. You should expect to work with a therapist you connect with and trust- which is why Joanne offers a no-cost 30 minute, in-office consultation to all interested inquiries.
Breakwater Counseling Center is dedicated to providing you a nurturing and safe environment. After more than a decade working for non-profit agencies and for-profit counseling centers, Joanne envisioned a place designed with you, the client in mind, a place which supports your healing and personal growth and ongoing success. 
  • Breakwater Counseling Center offices are are filled with natural light and have clean and modern amenities. The building amenities include: ample and well-lit parking, handicap accessibility, comfortable private waiting room, close proximity to shops, restaurants, public transportation and easy highway access. 1110 Broadbridge Ave., Stratford, Ct.

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