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Feel free to call me Dr. Q. As a Christian Counselor, I have spent many years working to improve the health of those diagnosed with depression, schizophrenia, anxiety, infidelity, anger, and addictions. No matter how severe or mild your symptoms may be, I look forward to playing a part in your healing.

Does my education and style of counseling require that you be a Christian? Not at all.
My professional therapy starts where you are in your faith (or even lack of faith). To help you, I will want to know what you think, where you are in your life, what beliefs are important to you, and what challenges or problems you are facing. This is all done in a safe, compassionate, and supportive environment.

For some, especially those with a Christian faith (based on Biblical principles), it is important for you to receive counseling from someone who understands your Christian beliefs. In fact, for you, sharing your personal life and building trust can't be done with just anyone. You know that a counselor with similar Christian beliefs will be able to provide the understanding, safety, compassion, and desired Christian therapy you are looking for. If you are a Christian, rest assured that the professional Christian therapy that I provide will involve Biblical principles and guidance from a Christian perspective. In addition, the counseling I provide will encourage you to grow in your faith, strengthen your relationship with God and others, and promote personal healing.

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