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I help my clients transform their lives. Located in the peaceful Presidio neighborhood of San Francisco, and with more than a decade of experience working with men, families, and couples, I’ve helped hundreds of my clients address difficult subjects and achieve their goals. As a therapist, you will find me collaborative, straightforward, and solutions-focused.

About Dr. John Snyder 

I am originally from the Pacific Northwest, where I attended the University of Washington and Pacific University. My academic focus has always been on the treatment of adults and teens struggling with anger management, substance abuse and depression. 
My Approach and How Psychotherapy Works
My approach is cognitive-relational-psychodynamic. This approach is based on rigorous psychotherapy research demonstrating that our current beliefs about the world and ourselves are based heavily on our experiences (learning) in relation to the important and powerful figures present in our development. Gradually, through our experiences over the course of our lives, we all develop a “relational template” that guides our thoughts and behavior in automatic ways that are outside our conscious awareness. This is largely an asset, allowing human beings to rapidly process and respond to a massive and constant onslaught of information. However, this can also be a liability when past experiences have included painful “lessons” that others will hurt us, that it is not wise to trust or love, or that we are somehow fundamentally damaged, flawed, and unlovable. When we internalize these “lessons” they become pathogenic beliefs. Pathogenic beliefs are powerful, tenacious, grim beliefs that at one point in our lives served to protect us—you may have learned to be very quiet and small so as not to draw the attention of an abusive parent, or you may have learned to react quickly and violently—both are methods of protection that served an adaptive purpose in the past, but at some point they became your automatic, default way of responding, and they are currently getting in your way.

 The Benefits of Psychotherapy
The purpose and benefit of psychotherapy is the uncovering and relinquishment of your pathogenic beliefs, and the acquisition of new, more flexible ways of relating to yourself and the world. You may already have a sense of some of your pathogenic beliefs. I can tell you from experience that many of our most powerful pathogenic beliefs are deeply held and unconscious. I help my patients bring these beliefs into awareness, and together we work to challenge and see them for what they are –creative adjustments to previous difficult situations, that are no longer useful. By making a commitment to self-exploration, you can discard these unhelpful core beliefs, and develop a fuller more rewarding life for you and those around you.

 Who I work with 
-   Men           
-   Women
-   Adolescents 
-   Couples 
Many of my clients have never participated in therapy before, and are surprised at how powerful the experience really is. My clients often report having the experience of discovering things about themselves that in one way or another, they feel they have always known, but never had the structure to articulate. Psychotherapy provides you with this structure.



While I work with all adults, I specialize in psychotherapy with men. As men, we often learn unhelpful, familial and societally prescribed ways of dealing with emotion that can include anger, alcohol, shutdown, and withdrawal. I have helped men in a variety of contexts struggling with issues related to anger, substance abuse, depression, and anxiety.

You deserve to have the life you want and to be free of the impediments that have held you back. Just click on the link to my website where you can read more about my experiences and approach to therapy, or feel free to give me a call. I am happy to offer a free initial phone consultation and to answer any questions you might have.

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