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Many of the couples seeking my services come in troubled by self-doubt, questioning their level of commitment, and/or are contemplating walking away from their relationship. I can assist you and your partner in your journey to create the kind of relationship that makes you happier and more fulfilled.
I can help you understand what is working and not working in your relationship, learn new skills for communicating and handling problems, and rediscover why you fell in love to begin with
 I Help couples and Individuals:
  • Get the friendship and love back
  • Learn new skills to manage gridlocked issues
  • Heal Trauma
  • Manage depression and anxiety.
  • Manage ADHD/ADD in relationships
  • Sexual trauma, repression, and desire
  • Career changes

Getting the relationship and life you want doesn’t happen overnight but it will happen. I support you with tools that help you communicate more effectively, be heard by your partner and build a relationship that hold’s space for who you are now and who you are becoming. I customize our approach to specifically support you in navigating the changes that occur over time. The person you were at the beginning of the relationship is probably very different than who you are now. Together we build a relationship on trust, commitment, friendship and love. As you have evolved so has your needs and desires in a healthy fulfilling relationship.
I specialize in helping :
  • Couples Communication
  • Navigating Perpetual issues
  • Increasing Intimacy
  • Affairs/Infidelity
  • Increase Intimacy and Connection
  • Managing mental health issues;( depression, anxiety and
  • Preparing to date again after a break-up
  • Going through a divorce or other life change
  • Accepting who you are and being comfortable in your own skin

I look forward to helping you get the relationship and supporting you in getting the life that you want.
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