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When addictive behavior and relationship patterns go on unchanged for years it is easy to feel hopeless, despondent, and uncertain.  Most folks promise themselves over and over that tomorrow will be different.  They build resolve for change and may even have some success in changing a few things for a short time.  Thriving in relationships takes more than just trying hard- sometimes you aren’t even aware of what keeps getting in your way.  When it’s time to ask someone for help or direction, you are taking a big step into the unknown, it helps to know that the person on the other end understands what you are experiencing and that they can help you.


If you are relating to any of that, it makes sense that you are looking for a therapist right now.  You may have been watching the same pattern play out over and over again.  You may be feeling stuck in your relationships or your emotions.  Whatever it is, it is probably becoming clearer that your own best thinking and efforts haven’t gotten you where you want to be.  Often, when we decide to do something about our ‘stuckness’ we can have a hard time figuring out how we are even stuck, so we go to someone who can help.


We will start our work immediately, in your first phone call.  We will get a clear sense of what is bringing you to therapy and what you want to get out of the process.  You’ll have a good idea if I can help you or not the first time you call.  If you are wanting to stop addictive behaviors or to work on your relationships, we can start taking immediate steps in that direction.  You will learn tools for making and sustaining important changes with yourself and your relationships.  We’ll work hard initially to make sure we understand what you are struggling with and what you want to do about it so that we can target therapy to give you maximum results.


My clients leave most sessions with concrete skills or insights that will help them to face their challenges.  It won’t be long before you finding yourself intuitively reacting differently to situations that used to baffle you.  Many of my clients talk about feeling more like themselves, no matter who they are with.  Whatever the exact outcome you are looking for, we can get you solidly on the path that will take you there.


Give me a call or send me an email for a free initial 20-minute phone consultation.  We can discuss what you are wanting to accomplish and get you on your way to greater satisfaction and happiness. 

My Office- I try to provide a safe, clean, peaceful place for you to work on yourself.

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