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Are you are struggling with feeling joy and happiness but can't put your finger on what is wrong? Are you unhappy and unsure about your life? Many of these feelings come from difficulties in our most important relationships. Maybe you found out about the affair, or the pornography, or you find your spouse is so distant, angry, or cold. The very foundation of your relationship is crumbling and you feel so alone. You know this cannot continue.  You want to find your way back to feeling secure in life. You need to know that you can live each day without fear, anger or loneliness.

Although you know the pain cannot continue, you don't know how to deal with your life situation to rid yourself of the pain. You need to know that you are safe.

You can't do this alone, no one can struggle through pain, confusion and fear all alone. Individuals and couples sometimes need help and I can help you as I have done with many individuals and couples who struggled until they found relief through a warm, caring, confidential therapist.
I am available weeknights, because I know these hours support busy working couples. I have 24/7 online scheduling so that you can manage your schedule too with minimum hassles. I am available through online videotherapy because traveling takes time and your time is important to you and your family.  
I am a Certified Emotionally Focused Couple and Individual Therapist who has worked with and helped numerous people find relief from internal fear, confusion and pain. Individual and couples can reach their goals of being calm, centered and achieving rich, intimate connections that surpassed their hopes.

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Sessions are available through Teletherapy. You bank online, you connect with friends and family through Skype or Facetime, you shop online, now you can use the convenience of secure encrypted health video technology to get the therapist who works best for you! Also, use the convenient online scheduler which provides confirmation emails, reminder emails two days prior to your session, and allows you to reschedule or create new appointments with ease.
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Please feel free to call me or email for more information or for a consult about your particular needs. I can tell you more about my services and how I can best help you deal with the struggles confronting you.
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