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 My understanding of therapy is that therapy is a tool to be used for growth.  I approach this concept very simply.  Let's look at the issues by understanding the process of how things happen, what is stopping us from making positive choices and how can we together come up with a solution.  In my therapist toolkit, I possess an excellent education with ongoing professional training,  lived experience of my own past issues and an empathic understanding that each individual is unique while at the same time, wanting to be connected.

I have worked with a variety of clients who have  serious mental health issues to move toward recovery and live their lives with dignity and hope.  But my passion is what comes before the serious mental health issues- maintaining wellness.  Anxiety and Depression are clear signals that our bodies are telling us we need make a change.  I can provide the safety and comfort
that you need to open up and the tools that you need to help manage your life.
If you have read this far, you are already on the path.   Therapy isn't meant to drag on for years and years, it is meant to empower you to counsel yourself. 

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