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Focus: Individual Psychotherapy and Counselling
“Even in the midst of an extreme situation, the wise are patient. Whether the situation is illness, calamity, or their own anger, they know that healing will follow upheaval” Excerpt from Tao 11
We don’t always know what this healing will look like—for some it will be coming to a place of acceptance, for others it will be finding a way to see themselves with kinder and more compassionate eyes. In my experience, an important pathway to healing comes from connecting to our emotions as a way to come to a better understanding of why we feel things the way we do, and to help us shift to a different way of being in the world.Emotions are our guideposts; they direct us to respond to situations in certain ways. There is a logic to why we feel things the way we do, even if we don’t always understand why. I believe that it’s important to make these connections and begin to understand the complexity of our emotional responses,so that we can learn to be gentle and accepting with ourselves when difficult feelings arise.Our families, our life experiences, and the world we live in all have an impact on our emotional lives. As a psychotherapist with twenty years of experience I have worked in the areas of trauma and general counselling (including relationship issues, grief, depression, anxiety and other issues). My foundation is in using Attachment Theory and Narrative and Emotion-focused therapy techniques to help gain a better understanding of why you experience the world the way you do, and to help you connect to your authentic self by helping you orient to your values and understand your emotions in a different way.

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