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Sometimes struggling with food and body image can interfere with connecting with people. That feeling of being stressed out by food and body image can cause you avoid invitations to dinner parties, restaurants, or other activities with friends, dating relationships, or new people you meet. The feeling of shame for what you eat or don't eat begins to limit your life. You might find yourself thinking:

"What if people find out I'm a fraud?"

"What if people think that I'm ugly or fat?"

"What if people find out I'm a failure?"

"What if people think I eat too much or judge me for what I eat?"

"What if people think I'm too much?"

I work to build a relationship with you, to support you in finding peace with food and your body. I also work with you to improve your relationships and greatly decrease anxiety in your life. You'll find yourself feeling more connected to those you love, while being able to enjoy food. You'll also find peace with your body and get to learn the goodness of your body, that was there all along. Contact me now! 

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