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Karla brings over 20 years and 15,000 client hours to each of her sessions with you.  She has been trained in various modalities including CBT, EMDR, Flash Technique, Domestic Abuse Counselling, EFT, Energy Psychology, Satir Transformational Systemic Therapy, Gottman Couples Therapy and IMAGO Couples Therapy.  Karla's large tool box allows her to create a custom therapy session for you in the moment depending on what you need.
Karla believes in the power of each individual to be the change they want to have.  She believes therapy should support a persons transformation to higher levels of being and consciousness.  Whatever stage that looks like for them. Karla has experience with all age levels from 5 to 75.She has supported people through many issues including parenting; anxiety; depression; relationship reconciliation, improvement and breakdown; spiritual crisis, and the aftermath effects of trauma.

In-Office Appointments are available in both Port Elgin and Owen Sound locations. Tele-Health video appointments are also available.

NOTE: Due to designation of non-essential service through Covid 19- sessions are only provided via phone or tele-health video at this time
Sometimes we just need a little assistance to get through the hard times.  Karla works with individuals to help them for right now and transforms how you can deal with life in the future.
I get it, being in relationship can be one of the most challenging things you live through.  It can also be one of the most rewarding.  Couples therapy is not easy, it requires time and commitment to each other and the process.  If you are struggling in relationship right now, it is worth it to see if you can make your relationship better.  If you can't, it is also worth it to see how you can end it in the best possible way for you and your children.  
Family therapy means looking at how everyone contributes to what is is happening in the family.  It's a collective effort to make changes. Everyone does their part for better communication, empathy, understanding and support of each other.
No matter what your situation is, Karla brings compassion, intelligence, life experience, creativity and straight forward conversation to help you take you to the next steps in your life.  If you are struggling, if you aren't sure what to do next, if you feel like your relationship is ending, if you are struggling with your children, Karla will work with you to shift into a new way of feeling better.  

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