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My name is Karyn Dietz. I am a licensed mental health counselor in the state of New York (LMHC) and national certified counselor (NCC).  My office is located in Webster. My approach to counseling combines supportive therapy with a generally cognitive-behavioral focus.  I provide a supportive and reflective ear to process your emotions, thoughts, and struggles.  This is paired with offering new perspectives, challenging current thought patterns, and teaching skills to improve functioning.  I tend toward a relaxed, humanistic approach to counseling, but each person is different, and I will try as best as possible to match your needs. One thing that I strive for in my therapy is to make sessions as comfortable as possible, and to approach clients as a person, rather than just a profession.
I specialize in treating depression, anxiety, and grief. I strive to be inviting and understanding to those who are hesitant to engage in treatment for one reason or another. Whether the idea of engaging is daunting, if you've had a less-than-positive experience in the past, or your mental health is acting as a barrier to your own efforts, I am happy to help find ways to get you engaged and feeling comfortable. My cognitive behavioral and supportive therapy help clients improve coping, insight, and interpretations. We will process current stressors, explore emotions, and work on building support from self and others. Through therapy, we can work on improving your daily life, mood, and skills. Whatever goals you identify, we can work to get you on your way to reaching them. Even if you aren't quite sure what the goal is at this stage, knowing that you are not content is the first step. Together, we can work on picturing what it will look like when you've reached these goals.
Finally, I provide you with a little more information about myself and my history as a therapist - I attended the University of Rochester and received my bachelor's degree in psychology.  I continued at the U of R's Warner School of Education and Human development to receive my master's in mental health counseling.  Since I graduated, I have been working in Rochester at a mental health clinic, where I provide therapy services for individuals across the mental health spectrum, doing individual and group work. I now have my private practice in Webster, where I see individuals and couples. I am also available to see teens in my private setting.

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