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I am a seasoned, licensed professional psychotherapist with decades of experience, and extensive, life-long postgraduate training that has resulted in my ability to do both long-term, in-depth treatment as well as address short-term therapy needs.  I have made a difference in more peoples' lives than I can count, and while it is almost always so hard to make that first phone call, it has often been told to me that it was the best step ever taken. 
I work with adults 18 and over in individual, couples and group therapy.  My approach is to work on a deeper level with you.  That often includes how your feelings about your history impact you today as well as current relationships and circumstances.  I also welcome people to look at what happens between you and me because as we develop a relationship, we are a laboratory for what happens between you and others. In addition, I am a very down to earth and pragmatic person.  So while we analyze and understand, we are also seeking practical solutions to difficult problems. While I was psychoanalytically trained years ago, my style has developed in a more eclectic way, incorporating a wide array of training and tailoring them to your needs. Thus, if you need to stay in the present with more behavioral focus, I help with that as well.
My work with couples helps you with communication problems, family conflicts and intimacy issues.  I have a 2 year certificate in sex therapy, which was a behavioral model, but my work with you will likely encompass all of the emotions that make your life and relationship so complex.
Beyond my training is my capacity to connect to you with deep caring.  My creativity and flexibility help create an environment in which you feel safe enough to truly look at your emotions and behaviors.  Perhaps you are standing in your own way of having the life you want.  You may be anxious, depressed, in turmoil over a relationship, job, recent move, grieving a loss or dealing with a serious illness.  Perhaps, you had a difficult upbringing that you need to get past in order to fully realize your potential personally, in relationships and at work.  Within the privacy of our sessions, new ways to understand yourself will evolve.
While I see most people in my comfortable office, I also offer walking sessions because it's often conducive to opening up, and some people prefer it.
Whatever your unique needs are, I welcome the opportunity to work with you.  I am passionate about my work and would consider it a privilege to get to know you.

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