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Often we know we may need support in coping with uncomfortable thoughts, emotions and life experiences, but we are unsure how to navigate this process. This is why my goal is to support you in identifying what you are hoping to gain by coming to therapy. I specialize in the treatment of trauma, addiction, first responders and helping professionals, and perinatal mood disorders. Often I find my clients are experiencing difficulties regarding anxiety, depression, self worth and shame, safety, problems in relationships, and unhealthy behaviors to cope.
 I take a balanced approach between acceptance and change, and believe in using effective strategies to identify what you need in the moment when feeling overwhelmed by thoughts or emotions. By using evidenced based treatments including DBT, EMDR, CBT,  attachment focused therapy, and compassion therapy; you can experience relief from discomfort. 
My clients have described me as highly empathetic, a strong advocate for their care, and an honest participate in their treatment process. I truly believe you deserve to feel heard, supported, safe, and understood when you enter into therapy. It's hard enough to ask for help; allow me to walk you through the process and make it a bit easier. 

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