Kavitha Finnity, Ph.D.

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Dr. Finnity is a licensed clinical psychologist. She practices individual therapy for children, adolescents, and adults, as well as couples and family therapy.  Dr.  Finnity tailors her treatment approach to the needs of each individual patient to build on the strengths they already possess.

She will help you to regain control in your life by gaining insight, and learning coping skills to manage uncomfortable feelings. Dr.  Finnity focuses on both the underlying root of the issues as well as the solutions that can lead to positive change. She provides both short term and long term therapy depending on your preference and needs.

In her practice Dr.  Finnity works with individuals who are struggling with a variety of issues including:

  • ·         Depression
  • ·         Bipolar Disorder or mood instability
  • ·         Grief and Loss
  • ·         Anxiety and Stress Management
  • ·         Panic Attacks
  • ·         Multicultural issues of assimilation and acculturation
  • ·         Issues in relationships and dating

When working with families and couples Dr. Finnity offers guidance in areas including:

  • ·         Breaking down barriers to communication
  • ·         Redeveloping trust in the relationship
  • ·         Issues with infidelity and intimacy
  • ·         Co-parenting


Dr.  Finnity provides services to patients throughout the Greater Rochester area. She accepts all major insurances and has evening and Saturday appointments.

Contact Dr. Finnity to discuss how she may assist you in taking the first step to regaining control in your life.

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