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Located in Canton, South Dakota, Keystone Treatment Center is a leading addiction treatment facility. Since 1973, we have been dedicated to helping individuals overcome their struggles with addiction. Our center offers comprehensive care for adult populations through a variety of specialized programs.
Our young adult program is designed specifically for adults ages 18-26, noted as a vulnerable age bracket for many people who are beginning to struggle with an addiction. It is our belief that treatment for this age group has the highest potential of lasting success when they are treated separately from other populations and offered programming that is tailored to their stage in life. The young adult program is provided in our residential treatment center and offers a highly structured environment with round-the-clock support. Patients participate in gender-specific programming throughout the day and live on-site with peers who are working to overcome similar concerns.
In addition to the young adult program, we provide a variety of services to all adults age 18 and older. At our residential treatment center, expert staff delivers treatment that has been highly researched and shown to promote positive treatment outcomes. Patients in our residential program can receive medical care, medication management services, individual therapy, group therapy, family therapy, and experiential therapies. Medical professionals also offer detoxification services to those who are struggling with withdrawal symptoms.
We offer a number of specialty programs, including faith-based, addiction, gambling, and chronic pain programs, as well as career-specific programs for law enforcement, medical, and legal professionals. Pertinent to our location, we also have a Native American specialty program, which incorporates traditional values and practices of this population. Treatment in this program is typically led by Native American counselors and cultural advisors. Inipi/purification ceremonies are held weekly in our on-site Sweat Lodge, and patients may practice traditional songs and prayers, and can receive extensive spiritual advising.
Additionally, we have a specialty program for veterans and active-duty service members that provides tailored care for those who have devoted themselves to serving our country. This program offers services that target the unique challenges that come from a life of military service. We have partnered with insurance networks within the military healthcare system that can help members of the military get the help they need.
In addition to the extensive specialized programs at our residential treatment center, we offer outpatient programs in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Outpatient treatment is an excellent option for people who can benefit from ongoing support in a structured setting. This program allows clients to attend treatment several days a week on a schedule that works for them.
Our comprehensive suite of services and specialized programs makes Keystone Treatment Center a leading choice for addiction treatment in South Dakota. At the core of our philosophy is the belief that anyone can recover from addiction — and with the help of our trained professional team, you can as well.
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