Kim Silverthorn, B.A., R.P.C., M.P.C.C., C.T

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  • Psychotherapist
  • 162 Rue Magnan, Beaumont, Alberta, T4X 0A6
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      17214 60 Ave NW
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  • Phone: (780) 803-5501
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  • Session Fees: $150.00/session ($175.00/couples) - feel free to ask about our sliding fee scale and the subsidized supports that are available.
  • This member is also available for online counseling.
  • Online-counseling methods: Email, Phone, IM, Webcam

A Little About Our Therapist...

 Kim Silverthorn is a Master Practitioner of Clinical Counselling (M.P.C.C.) and a Counselling Therapist (C.T.) - she is registered through the Canadian Professional Counsellors Association (C.P.C.A.) and through A.C.T.A. (Association of Counselling Therapy of Alberta).  She has an Honours B.A. in Sociology and Crime and Deviance from the University of Toronto; and a Diploma of Applied Counselling and Psychology from Kelowna College. She comes to Beaumont by way of central Ontario, the Northwest Territories and northern Alberta.

Kim has been providing therapeutic supports for individuals and for families since 1990.  She also offers Neurofeedback Training/Therapy to teens and adults, out of her Beaumont office.  And she provides a broad range of Professional Development Learning opportunities and training programs (all CEC approved) for various community groups and agencies. 
Kim has worked with street gangs in Toronto, aboriginal youth in isolated northern Canada, and abused youth and their families in Alberta. She specializes in work with children/youth, with couples and with individual adults, and has experiences with diverse and unique client populations. She has had the privilege of helping to initiate and develop some groundbreaking, socially enhancing programs which have become the foundation for healthy community development; she has facilitated parts of the Alberta Social Work Program; and she has provided supervision for first and second year Social Work students who are completing their Social Work Diplomas. Kim’s work with her clients not only encourages and empowers individuals to be agents of change in their own lives - but also in the world around them.
Our Counselling Approach...
Kim utilizes a strengths-based, solution focused theoretical approach to counselling.  Tacit believes therapy can typically be a short term process (on average, clients tend to spend 4 to 12 weeks addressing their concerns and working on their goals).  Homework is often suggested between sessions, as Tacit believes clients can also experience healthy growth and increased personal awareness between sessions.  Helpful homework strategies effectively decrease the time and money expended by the client throughout the counselling process. 
Our Neurofeedback sessions are offered as their own form of support, or in combination with Talk Therapy options as well.   Clients often start to experience improvement in their issues after only 3 or 4 Neurofeedback sessions - but many will continue for 10 or 12 sessions (or more, as they wish).
Tacit Knowledge offers:  
Individual Counselling for Youth and Adults
Couples Counselling
Family Therapy and Mediation Supports
Relationship Supports
Parenting Education and Support
Neurofeedback Training/Therapy 
Professional Development Training for Agencies/Community Organizations is also available:
Managing Disclosures of Abuse/Neglect
Mental Health First Response Training
Finding Our Happiness
Mistakes People With Anxiety Make (and Their Solutions) 
True Colours - Personal Success, Communication and Relationship Development Training
Seven Principles of Making Marriage Work
Making Friends In An  Adult World
Building Resiliency in The Face Of Adversity 
Are Others Picking Up What You Are Putting Down?
Fight, Fight, or Freeze - Making Emotional Responses Work For You
Kids Have Stress Too!
Mental Health and the Tween/Teen Brain 
The 4 Key Foundations Essential for a Healthy Life - Coping With Stress 
Dear Brain - I NEED Sleep!
Go Away Anxiety and Depression - Fighting for Control
Understanding and Living with SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) 
Making Friends With Yourself - Finding Inner Strength 
Trauma 101
Trauma-Informed Care as a Professional 
Fighting Fairly - Finding the Win/Win
A,B,C - The 3 Prong Approach to Successfully Coping with Any MH Issue
Dealing with Difficult Feelings
Dealing with Conflict in Healthy Ways
Understanding and Coping with Self Harm and Eating Disorders
Putting the Pieces Back Together - Managing Grief and Loss
Addressing Core Needs - Understanding Misbehaviour
Burnout and Breakdowns - Dealing With Compassion Fatigue Before It's Too Late
Kim's areas of speciality include:  
General Anxiety
Specific Anxiety Disorders
Suicide Ideation
Mood Disorders
Personal Growth
Low Self Esteem
Finding a Healthy Balance in Life
Work Related Stress
Self Care
Stress and Stress Management (in all ages)
Self Harm Behaviours
Eating Disorders
Healthy Communication
Trust (in One's Self and In Others)
Intimacy and Fidelity
Anger Management
Grief and Loss
Problem Solving Skills
Separation and Divorce
Parent/Teen or Parent/Child Conflict
Parenting Strategies (for children of all ages) 
Chronic Pain 
Many clients can claim part or all of their counselling fees through their Insurance or Employee Assistance Programs.  Clients are responsible for the process associated with these support benefits - please inquire with your health insurance provider regarding the details of your coverage.  Fees for psychological services can also be deducted on your personal Income Tax Return, under health care expenses.
Tacit Knowledge offers a sliding fee schedule based on income level for clients who do not have Insurance/Employee Assistance Program coverage.  Clients may also be eligible for subsidized counselling supports through the Beaumont FCSS Program (contact the FCSS Program directly to inquire about this assistance) or through the In The Weeds YEG Counselling Subsidy Program (apply directly from the In The Weeds YEG website).  


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