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  • Licensed Professional Counselor
  • 540 Madison Oak, Suite 340, San Antonio, Texas, 78258
  • Phone: 210-789-7683 extension 6
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  • Session Fees: Currently I am private pay but will be adding insurance in the near future. Fees are $140/session and $155 for the initial intake session.

Counseling Approach 
Often times people have questions about how the counseling process works, such as ‘how does this work?’ and ‘are
you going to tell me what to do?’. I believe the counseling process is a collaborative one between therapist and
client, where you the client are the expert in your life.  As the therapist, I simply come along side you to reflect back to you what you are saying. This verbal mirroring will help you sort through your thoughts and feelings. In a safe and nurturing environment, I can guide you through the process of working on your problems. There is no set timeframe, as it is client driven and you decide when you have reached your goals.
Personal Information and Certifications  
I attended Texas A&M San Antonio where I received a Bachelors of Psychology and began teaching math in
a public school setting. Over time, I found my students could not learn well when they had unmet psychological needs.  I began to realize my heart’s true calling was to address my students’ emotional wellbeing rather than the prescribed academic curriculum. I returned to school and received a Masters of Counseling and Guidance, again from Texas A&M San Antonio with the goal of helping people attain healthier mental functioning. I am also certified in anger resolution therapy to be better equipped to help people deal with their anger problems. Currently I am participating in trauma and anxiety research at the Neurofeedback lab at the University of Texas San Antonio.
My counseling experience includes pre-teens, adolescents, and adults facing crisis situations.  As a former teacher, I have experience working with students making college and career choices, dealing with ADHD, and problems transitioning to adulthood. I also have extensive experience with women who have been victims of childhood sexual trauma and abuse. Additionally I work with spouses of sex addicts, leading spouse support groups as well as providing individual counseling. My approach for the spouse of the sex addict is they are experiencing PTSD and not exhibiting co-dependency symptoms as many recovery models suggest.
As a Christian counselor, I seek to address the needs of the whole person - mental, physical, and spiritual. I utilize a blend of Cognitive Behavioral and Solution Focused strategies from a Christian worldview to help you bring about positive changes in thinking and behavior. I can help you rediscover your joy in life and together we can construct new ways of thinking to repattern your life. My goal is to help you attain a better functioning in life. Ultimately, I believe the ability to make a change lies within you.

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