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Hi there! Welcome to my page 

Are you looking for someone who can help? I feel honoured and privileged to have a chance to work with you and be with you through your journey to growth and healing from within. If you’re looking for someone to open up to, I am here to fully listen to you as you process and off-load your mental and emotional load. I can also speak with you in Hindi, Tamil and Kannada, in addition to fluent English (my first language), so feel free to express yourself in your native tongue, if you wish! 

I bring a person-centered approach to counselling/therapy, where you and your unique experiences, thoughts and feelings are very important, valued and respected. I offer a safe and confidential space within which you can relax and explore your own deeper thoughts, emotions and needs, at your own pace, when you are ready. I come from a place of compassion, empathy and respect. Anything you say, feel, think, is embraced, and can be openly talked about with transparency, as this is a place where you get to be just YOU, and not have to pretend, impress anyone or fear judgement. I highly value our time together, being fully present with you, and I hope that our sessions lead to a beautiful flowering of the fantastic individual you have the potential to be. 
I am trained in the empirically validated Cognitive Behavioural Therapy approach. I work with children, adolescents and adults, collaborating with my clients in dealing with concerns such as depression, anxiety, relationship issues, family dynamics and so on. I also work with clients from a background of trauma, abuse and addictions, and in this work, I use an emotionally focussed approach, looking into basic attachment patterns, and the deeper need for healthy human connection. Therapy becomes a safe place to explore a healthy relationship with healthy boundaries. 
Through my work, I see the mind-body connection in action, and work with it. Particularly with stress and anxiety, where the body is in fight or flight mode, I find breathing, progressive muscular relaxation, meditation and positive affirmations highly effective. If you are open to it, we can experience the shift this brings during sessions. 
I also offer assessment and testing services. I conduct comprehensive psychological evaluations, including neuropsychological assessments as well as parenting assessments. You can always get a debrief about the results of the assessments you participated in.
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