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Marriage and Family Therapist, #MFC39867
Few of us ever anticipate that we will one day be in need of therapy. Secretly, we hope that our struggles will be minimal. We'd like to think that we are strong enough to handle anything that life will throw at us. For many, however, this is not the case. Human suffering is universal, pervasive and impacts our entire being. If you are reading this now, then you are probably in a place where you are considering reaching out for help, ready to humbly acknowledge that you (and perhaps your family) may need something more than you can do for yourself. Authors Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend put it this way, "We all have coping mechanisms that cover up pain, help us deal with fear, enable us to cope with relational inabilities, and help us hold it all together. Trials and suffering push those mechanisms past the breaking point so we find out where we need to grow." As a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist since 2003, I count it a privilege to be invited to walk with my clients through some of the most significant emotional journeys of their lifetime and to aid in their process of growth and healing.

About Me
I have been a licensed therapist since 2003. In addition to providing therapy, I work as a professor, teaching counseling and psychology classes at the graduate and undergraduate level. I also teach continuing education classes for therapists. I am available to teach seminars about parenting (children and/or teens), and building healthy dating and marriage relationships.

I am available for appointments on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays with limited afternoon/evening availability.

Clients and Issues Addressed
I work with many different client issues in my practice, including depression, anxiety, relationships, grief and loss, co-dependency, parenting and more. I work with individuals, couples, families, and children. Prior to becoming a licensed therapists, I worked for eight years as a youth director, so I have a special passion for working with teens and their families. I also enjoy the challenge of working with highly conflicted marriages.

Marriage and Family Therapist, Intern #79564
 Reaching out for support during a difficult time is challenging and brave, and can often be the hardest part of the change process, yet doing so opens the door to new possibilities and options! The choice to engage with difficult emotions, heal from the past, learn new strategies and skills to navigate life with can seem scary, and it is also quite healing and freeing! Sometimes, the coping strategies for life we have don’t seem to work anymore and we need support and encouragement as we seek out and explore new strategies that do work. I have yet to meet an individual on this Earth who has not been hurt by something or someone; suffering is a common experience and it effects our entire person. Emotional, psychological, spiritual, and physical well-being in life is not marked by the absence of troubles; rather it is the ability to function and interact with others amidst them. I believe everyone is created in a unique matter and has a desire to be known, seen, and understood. Everyone is entitled to be treated with dignity and respect as a human being. It is a great honor and delight for me to be invited to join my clients in this process of growth, healing, and transformation!

About Me:
I have two Bachelor’s Degrees from William Jessup University in Psychology and Bible/Theology and a Master’s Degree from Western Seminary in Marriage and Family Therapy. I work with many different client issues including: depression, anxiety, co-dependency, trauma (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), domestic violence, sexual assault, grief and loss, I provide individual therapy for adults, adolescents, and children. I also provide group therapy and therapy for families and couples.

I am available for appointments Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays.

Please call my confidential voicemail: 916.672.7137

Marriage and Family Therapist, Intern #72801

About Me
I am in my late thirties, married with a young adult son. I became a therapist from experiencing the help therapy provided in my journey through life. I found that therapy helped me improve personally as an individual, as a parent and in my marriage. I now enjoy helping others find their hope that things can get better, and their quality of life can improve. I have experience working with individual adults, couples, families, young adults, teenagers, children and pre-school aged. There are a variety of ways one can receive help through therapy. The following are some areas of experience. With individual adults support can be given to work through personal,relational, and emotional concerns. This includes areas such as learning boundaries, building self esteem, working with depression, anxiety or other forms of distress experienced in life. Married couples can gain support with improving communication, their loving relationship and adjusting through different phases in marriage. Families can receive help to reducing conflict, improving communication and relationships. Teens can improve on coping with distress, emotional needs such as anger and depression, and reducing negative behaviors. With children parents can receive support with reducing negative behaviors, tantrums, increasing compliance, improving self esteem, reducing anger and working with other emotional needs.
My approach to therapy is to get to know each person as an individual, their needs, and to work together in reaching their goals.

I have a bachelor’s Degree from William Jessup University in Counseling Psychology/Biblical studies and a Masters Degree from Western Seminary in Marriage and Family Therapy. Worked at First Baptist Church Counseling Center and Riveroak Center for Children.

I may be reached by phone at to schedule an appointment. Available Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. 916.578.4158

Integrating Your Faith
Large numbers of studies indicate that practicing a mainstream faith confers significant health benefits, especially mental health benefits, and that people who use “religious coping” (i.e. prayer, confession, seeking strength and comfort from God) adjust better to stressful events. Additionally, for some people, knowing that their therapist shares their faith and core values can provide a sense of security and comfort as they walk together through important life decisions. At our counseling center we want you to know that our therapists are perfectly willing to address and integrate issues of faith into your therapy. We would be honored to work with your spiritual needs as well as your physical, emotional and cognitive needs if you should choose. Please let us know if this is something you would like to address or to integrate into your therapy. If this is not something you would like to address, rest assured that we respect your freedom and will never force faith or values on you.

 JORDAN HOLLANDMarriage and Family Therapist, Intern #91370

Let me introduce myself.
I am a firm believer in the inherent value all people have, and I strive to communicate that in every session. From a young age I have had a sensitivity for those who are suffering in their lives, and I have a passion to help people discover who they are, before the world told them who they should be. My number one goal in therapy is to create an environment that is safe, to allow children, individuals, couples and families walk into a place of healing on their journey. I am passionate about education, and desires to incorporate useful education when needed in session. It is my goal to meet you where you are at with kindness and respect so we can collaborate together in finding better coping strategies, healing from emotional wounds, past trauma, grief and shame. I have seen what trauma, shame and grief can do to a person, and I want to join you in finding healing and restored hope.

About Me
I have a bachelors degree in Education, English and History from Northwest Christian University in Eugene, Oregon, and a Master’s Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Western Seminary. I have experience working with trauma (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), depression, anxiety and relationship struggles. I have a background in crisis intervention for homeless children; as well as, sexual assault and domestic violence advocacy for children and adults.

I am available for appointments Tuesday-Friday.
Please call our confidential voicemail: (916) 282-9103.

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