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Online, phone and in-office therapy is available in my Marlton, NJ and Cherry Hill NJ offices.

I am a private practitioner providing individual therapy, relationship and marriage counseling, and life coaching to clients in the South New Jersey area and throughout the United States. As a therapist, I help clients reduce and resolve mental health problems such as depression, anxiety, trauma, personality disorders, and addictions. As a relationship and marriage counselor, I help couples rediscover lost friendship, increase intimacy, and learn to communicate effectively. As a life coach, I help clients identify new life directions and work toward a happier, more successful life.

In individual therapy, I provide cognitive and psychodynamic therapy within a Rogerian, person-centered framework. In cognitive therapy, we examine your “core beliefs” - what you believe about yourself deep down - and how this affects your thinking, emotions, and behaviors. I use psychodynamic therapy to look at how your past experiences influence your current life. This includes looking at childhood trauma and past relationship problems.

I provide therapy in what is called a ‘person-centered’ framework. This means that I provide a non-judgmental, safe environment for you to learn and grow. I provide you with "unconditional positive regard” and accept you for who you are today. Working in this person-centered atmosphere frees you of shame and judgment and allows you to freely process a full range of emotions.
A judgment-free atmosphere, where unconditional positive regard is present, leads to greater healing and personal growth. I believe healing and growth occur at a higher level when a trusting, non-judgmental environment is provided. I believe healing and growth flourish when you trust in me and the methods I use. Providing unconditional positive regard is essential to the therapeutic process.

In marriage and relationship counseling, I work with you on rediscovering lost friendship, new ways of communicating, and building intimacy and understanding. I teach you how to set appropriate boundaries and how to work together to meet the demands of daily life while also creating and meeting your relationship goals.

In life coaching, we focus on identifying and meeting life goals and overcoming what may be blocking you from happiness and success. The most important part of life coaching is to move toward greater happiness and success, be it personally or professionally. 
I have been a psychotherapist and life coach for 30 years. I have also worked as a research scientist and educator. I was awarded the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) Fellowship in Mental Health Research at the University of Chicago and was a research scientist at the Center for Addiction and Behavioral Health Research. I have taught undergraduate and graduate courses and offer professional seminars in cognitive therapy, the treatment of childhood trauma, and motivational enhancement therapy.
From 2018 to 2023, I was selected as best psychotherapist in the New Jersey communities I serve and was named Best Psychotherapist in New Jersey by Global Health and Pharma Magazine.

 Please visit my website at, or call me directly if you would like further information. To schedule an appointment, please contact me at (856) 352-5428 or email My offices are located at 4 N. Maple Ave., Marlton NJ 08053, and 1814 Route 70 E., Suite 350, Cherry Hill NJ 08003.
Dr. Cohen is the author of “Finding Our Way: Creating Change in Ourselves and Our Relationships.”

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