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In Marlton NJ and Cherry Hill NJ
I provide therapy, relationship counseling, and life coaching to clients in the Philadelphia and South New Jersey area. As a therapist, I assist clients in stabilizing or resolving mental health problems including depression, anxiety, developmental trauma, alcoholism, addictions, and other issues. Relationship and marriage counseling focuses on increasing intimacy and connection, how to resolve long-standing problems, and learning new ways of communicating. As a life coach I help clients identify new life directions and work toward a happier more successful life.

Treatment Overview  - the theories, methods, and ideas I use when I work with my clients originate with Carl Rogers, Aaron Beck and Hans Strupp. Rogers’ ideas and methods are the foundation upon which all other theories and methods I use rest. Rogers is well known for introducing what is called "unconditional positive regard”, believing that helping professionals must provide clients with safe spaces in which to work, and extend unconditional positive regard to all clients. Rogers postulated that in an atmosphere of complete acceptance and positive regard, internalized shame will nullify, giving clients room to change and grow. The atmosphere itself acts to free the client of shame and judgment.  Rogers believed that work performed in an atmosphere free of judgment, where unconditional positive regard is present, leads to greater healing. Psychotherapy research has validated his theory. When we meet I provide a supportive and accepting environment in which to work. I believe healing and growth occur at a higher level when a trusting, supportive environment is provided. You will have a safe and trusting experience. I believe that your healing and growth depends on your trust in me and the methods I use. I believe providing unconditional positive regard as essential. Although Rogers' work is the foundation of my work with clients, I also incorporate other methods.
Therapy - within a Rogerian framework, I provide cognitive therapy and psychodynamic therapy to treat mental health problems including depression, anxiety, addictions, and other problems.
Marriage Counseling and Relationship Counseling - I work with you and your significant other on new ways of communicating and building intimacy and understanding. I teach couples how to set appropriate boundaries and how to work together to meet the demands of daily life while also creating and meeting relational goals.
Life Coaching - different than therapy, life coaching focuses on identifying and meeting life goals, and overcoming what may be standing in the way of your happiness and success. The most important goal of life coaching is to work with you on living a full, meaningful, and happy life.
Addiction Recovery – I have 30 years experience treating alcoholism, drug addiction, and other addictions. I have worked with those who were considered untreatable, and I have coached clients who are concerned with sporadic alcohol or drug use. I understand 12-step recovery, and I provide recovery coaching to those already in alcohol or addiction recovery.
Young Adults – the age of those transitioning from early adulthood to mature adulthood has shifted. I assist men and women from ages 18 to 30 with their transition from immaturity to maturity.
Experience and Education - I have been employed in the helping professions for 30 years, and I have experience as a therapist, life coach, researcher, and teacher. I have an M.A. from the University of Chicago where I was also a doctoral student and research fellow. I was an adjunct professor and research fellow at the University of Wisconsin, as well as an adjunct professor at the Illinois School of Professional Psychology. I have worked in substance abuse treatment facilities, mental health treatment facilities, and I have been in private practice since 2004.
Theoretical Orientation - I am trained and experienced in using the psychotherapy methods of Carl Rogers, Aaron Beck, and Hans Strupp. I am a trained Rogerian therapist, and I consider Rogers' methods and ideas as the base of my clinical work.  I am also a trained and experienced cognitive therapist, and I see order and truth in Beck's application of cognitive theory. In addition, I am trained in psychodynamic psychotherapy and the work of Hans Strupp.  I firmly believe that traumatic childhood experiences cause psychological damage that negatively impact a person in adulthood and that treatment should include the examination of past experiences.
Please visit my website at, or call me directly if you would like further information about my practice. To schedule an appointment, please contact me at (856) 352-5428.
My offices are located at 4 N Maple Ave Marlton NJ and 1814 Route 70 E., Suite 350 Cherry Hill NJ 08003. Please call to schedule an appointment as walk-in service is not available.

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