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Las Vegas Comprehensive Treatment Center (CTC) is a leading outpatient opioid addiction treatment center in Las Vegas, Nevada. We provide medication-assisted treatment (MAT) to adults age 18 and older who are struggling with addictions to heroin and prescription painkillers like morphine and hydrocodone, among others.
MAT is a form of treatment that combines the use of prescription medication with counseling. MAT has been highly researched and has proved to be an effective treatment option for opioid addiction. It is recommended by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), and several other respected health organizations.
Clients who receive care at our outpatient addiction treatment center receive prescriptions for methadone, which is an FDA-approved medication that is both safe and effective for long-term use when used as directed and under the guidance of qualified professionals. Methadone works to reduce cravings for opioids while also alleviating the distressing symptoms of withdrawal. However, medication is only one component of medication-assisted treatment. At Las Vegas CTC, clients also have the opportunity to participate in individual and group counseling sessions.
During individual counseling sessions with a qualified mental health professional, clients can discuss past experiences that may have contributed to their use of opioids. In this nonjudgmental environment, they can also discuss obstacles and concerns they have about maintaining recovery. Counselors provide compassionate feedback and can help clients master skills such as conflict resolution, problem-solving, and self-care.
Group therapy involves peers meeting together under the guidance of a professional counselor. In this setting, clients can talk about their challenges and successes with other clients who are working toward recovery. Building a support network can be a crucial aspect of achieving recovery, and the relationships that may be formed during these group therapy sessions can become part of that essential support network. Participation in group therapy sessions can also serve to help clients understand that they are not alone in their struggles, which can reduce feelings of isolation and instill confidence in their ability to heal.
At our treatment center, the entire staff is dedicated to creating a caring, welcoming environment. Before admission to the program, each client must undergo a thorough physical and mental health evaluation so that our team has the information they need to craft an individualized treatment plan that is right for them. Making the decision to enter treatment is a courageous one, and we strive to make the process one that is as comfortable as possible.

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