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  • Marriage and Family Therapist Registered Intern
  • 2120 Colorado Blvd., Suite 2, , Eagle Rock, California, 90041
  • Phone: 626 427 7442
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Free 30 Minute Initial Consultation

Benefits of Therapy
Creating space in our lives to process is important for our well-being and maintenance of healthy relationships. Therapy provides an opportunity to validate our experiences, explore behavioral patterns, and increase self-awareness.
Recognizing and changing destructive patterns often requires guidance and dedication.  Therapy is a process, and although it may feel challenging at times, the potential rewards are worth it.  Processing pain allows us to move forward, and opens our hearts and minds to new possibilities.  Gaining greater self-awareness can facilitate stronger relationships, improved communication and positive coping skills. 
Initial Meeting
It takes strength to reach out for support.  It is vital to your success in therapy that you feel comfortable and understood.  In order to get a sense of who I am as a therapist and how we would work together, I offer a free initial consultation in person or over the phone.
At our initial meeting, I will listen to whatever concerns you wish to share and explore your goals and hopes for therapy.  I will also answer questions you have regarding the therapeutic process.  It is important to me that your boundaries are respected and that you feel welcomed.  I consider it a privilege to collaborate with you in therapy. 
Areas of Interest and Specialization 
I am passionate about working with individuals and families experiencing medical issues, chronic illness, and grief and loss, and am interested in supporting parents with children at all stages of development.  I have substantial experience working with children and families in crisis, utilizing play therapy interventions with young children, talk therapy with older children and adolescents, and providing support for parenting issues.  I am skilled at assisting parents and children / adolescents improve communication and connection. 
Therapeutic Environment 
I am committed to maintaining a non-judgmental, culturally sensitive environment where individuals and families feel comfortable to question, process, heal and grow at any age.  Our offices are easily located on Colorado Boulevard in the heart of Eagle Rock.  Our consult rooms and playroom are warm and welcoming.  In-school observations and in-home therapy are available when deemed beneficial for families. 
Background and Education
I hold Masters Degrees from Pacific Oaks College in both Marriage and Family Therapy and Human Development.  I graduated from California State University Los Angeles (summa cum laude) with my Bachelors Degree in Child Development.  I previously worked at Children's Hospital Los Angeles as a Certified Child Life (Development) Specialist, providing psychosocial support for children and families.  I have also provided crisis intervention, individual, and family therapy on campus at a K-8th grade school through a large non-profit mental health agency.  I am currently working through my internship (IMF 81333) under the professional supervision of Michelle Harwell MFT 50732.
On a Personal Note...
I was raised on the West Coast of Canada and remain a hockey fan.  I enjoy spending time with my husband of 15+ years and our two children.  I am passionate about children's issues, and believe in the healing power of positive relationships. 

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