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  • Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, MA
  • 565 Brunswick Rd, Suite 9, #2, Grass Valley, California, 95945
  • Phone: 415-717-1827
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When it comes to sitting down with someone you have never met, to talk about your most intimate relationship concerns, issues that may make or break your marriage, who would you rather choose? Someone who may or may not have a very good track record in their personal life, who will share their personal point of view on what they think works best  - or, someone who brings knowledge, skills and insights backed by 40 years of research about what ACTUALLY works?

I am a Certified Gottman Therapist and have been working with couples and individuals for over 26 years. I was one of the first therapists to be certified in the Gottman method in California in 2006.  I specialize in couples and relationship issues of all kinds, have assisted at over 20 Art of Science of Love Couples Workshop in Seattle, and have been personally trained by John and Julie Gottman in the world famous Gottman Method, backed by 40 years of research on what makes marriage work. 

Let’s look at some of the research findings that I can help you with:

*   Learn the basic skills successful couples use to manage conflict

*   Learn the latest science that supports knowledge of why we fight and how to make it healthy

*   Discuss dreams and what you stand for at your core, things you can’t give up for the marriage

*   Get out of the power struggle and learn how to get both your needs met 

*   Focus on specific topics that are stuck and difficult to talk about

*   Learn how to increase intimacy, romance and passion on a daily basis

*   Talk about sex and how to break through obstacles

*   Find out about the myth of compatability

All couples receive an Assessment of their relationship strengths and weaknesses according to Gottman’s research on The Sound Marital House. This provides immediate insight about where to focus our work together to achieve maximum results. 

These are just some of the valuable tools I can teach you. My goal is to help you develop skills and emotional awareness that you can use the rest of your life to confidently navigate relationship issues. 

I welcome alternative couples and lifestyles! I have been practicing in San Francisco and Marin County since 1992 and recently moved to Grass Valley.   I also offer Couples Retreats. Many people love speeding time in the beautiful Gold Country and pass through on their way to Tahoe, Truckee and Reno. A Couples Retreat is custom tailored to your goals and budget, usually spanning 2-3 days of intensive marathon counseling. The focus is entirely on you and achieving a breakthrough on long standing issues. For those seeking privacy, away from your local community, or for busy professionals who travel frequently and have a heavy work schedule, this is a great option. 

I am warm, down to earth, give lots of feedback and practical insight and tools to help you restore love, friendship and intimacy to all your relationships. 




    *  Couples

    *  Individuals

    *  Highly motivated people

    *  Self Esteem 

    *  Becoming more assertive 

    *  Women's Issue

    *  Sexuality and alternative lifestyles

    *  Spiritual development and growth

    *  Developing a Positive Psychology




    *  learn healthy ways to deal with painful conflict

    *  restore trust, intimacy and friendship in relationships

    *  Increase self esteem and self awareness

    *  learn how to cope with stressful people and situations

    *  support for manifesting life dreams and goals

    *  guidance during major life transitions

    *  gain confidence and mastery for highly sensitive, intuitive people

    *  research based tools and skills for all of the above




      *  565 Brunswick Pines Road  Suite 2   Grass Valley, CA   95945 


      *  415-717-1827




    *  Certified Gottman Therapist (trained & Certified by John & Julie Gottman, The Gottman Institute 2006


     *  Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist 1999  #MFC30764


     *  Masters Degree in Clinical Holistic Health Education  1998 - JFK University


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