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  • Addiction Counselor - Individual, Couples & Families
  • Houston, Texas, 77024
  • Phone: 713-927-1614
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  • Session Fees: $300 per 80-minute inital session/consultation; $200 per 50-minute individual session; $250 per 50-minute session for couples and families; individual phone session; $500 per addictions assessment (written report provided); $1000.00 per daily intensive
  • www.leahfordham.com
  • This member is also available for online counseling.
  • Online-counseling methods: Phone, Webcam

In working with her clients, Leah is able to draw from her training and experience working in helping agencies, a private psychiatric hospital setting and private practice. She is licensed by the state of Texas as a Licensed Master Social Worker (#51175) and Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor (#10767).  
It is her belief no one is beyond help.  Therefore, she brings a great deal of compassion, truth and hope to her work. She often says, "I'll hold onto the hope for you until you can do it for yourself."  Her passion is to help people who are unable to find their way out of the pain.  She enjoys working with partners and spouses of people who struggle with sobriety; people who are unable to break free of addiction (alcohol, drugs, sex, technology, shopping, people, etc...): and Marriages/relationships barely holding on.  Leah believes that healing comes in the context of relationships.  Often people come to her not knowing how to have relationships, how to have the relationship they are wanting; or how to end the relationship they have found themselves in.  Leah is able to help with assessments, plans and practical skills in all of these areas.
Leah Pevey Fordham, LMSW, LCDC is a native Houstonian from the Memorial area.  This gives her a unique appreciation for the cultural and societal expectations of this area of the South, which frequently imprison those who live here.  She graduated from Houston Baptist University with bachelor degrees in Psychology and Christianity.  Leah's faith is the grounding source in her practice.  For those clients who desire to bring Christianity into the work of therapy, she is able to meet that need and support those beliefs.  She also has a Master of Social Work degree from The Graduate College of Social Work - University of Houston.  
Leah has worked in a varied of counseling settings since 2006. Those settings included Star Family Drug Intervention Court/Council on Alcohol and Drugs Houston; Houston Area Women's Center; The Menninger Clinic - Professionals In Crisis Program (Intern, Post Graduate Fellow, and Full Time Employee); The Menninger Clinic - Compas Unit for Young Adults; and Private Practice.  Prior to that she worked for Mercy Street, a ministry at Chapelwood United Methodist Church, Houston, Texas.   
She has trained with John O'Neill, EdD, LCSW, LCDC, CAS and James Sargent, LCDC; with Maureen Canning, LPC and Patrick Carnes, PhD in the field of Sex Addiction; with Cheryl Scoglio, LCSW, in the field of Personality Disorders, Psychodynamic Group Therapy, and Psycho Drama; Brene Brown, PhD., John Dietrich, LCSW, LCDC, and Teri Emmel, LCSW, in the area of Shame and Resilience; Jon Allen, PhD in the area of Trauma; Donna Lamb, LCSW in the area of DBT and Grief, Efrain Bleiberg, M.D. in the area of Mentalizing and Personality Disorders; Donna Yi, M.D. in the area of Personality Disorders; Constanina Boudouvas, LCSW and Ellen Safir, LCSW in the areas of Family Therapy, Gottman Relationship Therapy and Family Dynamics; Gottman Relationship Therapy
Trainings sessions 1-3 and Robert Navarro, PhD. in the areas of Relationships and Addictions.

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