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Addiction can sometimes seem impossible to overcome on your own. That notion is what Life Center of Galax, located in Galax, Virginia, was founded to help patients overcome. At our premier addiction treatment center, you can meet with professionals and peers who understand the challenges of recovering from addictions.

Life Center of Galax offers a full continuum of care for adults age 18 and older who are suffering from drug or alcohol addictions. We also offer several specialty tracks that target the specific needs of certain populations, as well as personalized, holistic treatment plans that can help patients address challenges and work toward recovery.
For some people, the first step of addiction recovery is entering a medical detox program. Medical detox is designed to help you overcome the physical effects of drug and alcohol withdrawal by providing round-the-clock support. Nursing staff are available to help minimize withdrawal symptoms and ensure your comfort and safety. Receiving detox services at our treatment center can turn one of the hardest phases of addiction recovery into a more manageable experience as it prepares you for future treatment.
After detox, you can participate in intensive therapies that may help you begin the process of healing. Our residential addiction treatment center offers high-quality medical, psychiatric, and holistic treatments, which can help you learn the tools of recovery. Core to the philosophy of this treatment program is working with addiction treatment specialists and other people in recovery. The recovery community offers a mutually beneficial support system that can help members gain insights from each other. In our residential program, we offer several specialty tracks for people who have specific needs or goals for treatment. This includes a Christian-focused program, treatment for people who have co-occurring disorders, methadone maintenance, and targeted opioid addiction treatment. These programs offer several unique services for you to participate in, whether it’s engaging in faith-based programming with other like-minded patients or receiving medication that can help you overcome cravings and achieve long-term recovery.
In addition to our residential treatment center, we have extensive outpatient addiction treatment options. This program still delivers the intensive evidence-based therapies of our residential program, but it offers more flexibility for people who choose to live at home during treatment. Outpatient treatment is highly recommended for people who are stepping down from residential care as it helps them remain accountable during the transition back to regular life. Finally, our treatment center has a specific program for DUI/DWI rehab. Patients who complete this program can receive a certificate of completion that can be sent to their counselor, attorney, or the court at their discretion.
There’s a reason that Life Center of Galax has become one of Virginia’s leading addiction treatment centers: our passionate commitment to helping people achieve recovery by addressing all aspects of addiction. Our expertly trained and empathetic team of therapists, counselors, physicians, and nurses are well equipped to show you the path to recovery. All it takes is the first step on your part — reaching out to Life Center of Galax today.

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