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Life Healing Center is New Mexico’s leading mental health treatment center for adults age 18 and older. Located in tranquil Santa Fe, New Mexico, we offer extensive individualized treatment options for people who have mental health disorders, trauma, substance use disorders, and much more. Take the first step toward healing with us, and we can show you the path to recovery.
Our addiction treatment center was built with a simple concept in mind: to treat each client as a person, not the disease they’re suffering from. This compassionate approach to addiction care has proven itself time and again, and we are committed to continuing the tradition of compassionate care that founded our facility. Addiction care at Life Healing Center has three distinct phases: withdrawal management, residential treatment, and a partial hospitalization program. These pillars of addiction care combine to create a powerfully effective abstinence program, enabling our clients to achieve lasting recovery.
Withdrawal management, also known as detoxification, helps people overcome the physical symptoms of drug or alcohol withdrawal. In our residential treatment center, our clients live together on-site and receive intensive therapies that teach the skills required to remain abstinent.
In partial hospitalization, clients can live at home while still receiving intensive treatment and learning accountability. Just some of the evidence-based therapies offered at our facility include cognitive behavioral therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, and various peer support groups. We also include 12-Step programming, as our experience has shown that it’s an extremely effective way of helping people maintain their sobriety after detox.
In addition, we offer unique experiential and adjunctive therapies that take a more holistic approach to recovery. These therapies include reiki, craniosacral therapy, yoga therapy, and more. They can be incorporated into your treatment plan as your needs warrant.
Along with addiction treatment, we offer extensive services for people who have mental health or mood disorders. These include depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and borderline personality disorder, among others. Our behavioral healthcare includes residential treatment and partial hospitalization options and connects you with the leading mental health treatment team Life Healing Center is known for. Seeking treatment for a mental illness can save you untold levels of stress — and can equip you with coping skills and strategies that can lead to a lifetime of behavioral health recovery.
We also offer a specialty program to treat acute trauma and posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Unique therapies designed specifically to treat trauma include eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR), individual and group therapy, and medication management services. These treatments have been time-tested and proved to help people overcome the effects of trauma. They can help you return to a higher quality of life.
Whatever your behavioral health needs, Life Healing Center is here to help. With decades of experience assisting people in overcoming addiction, mood disorders, trauma, and more, our team has the experience and expertise to help you achieve recovery. Don’t delay seeking treatment any longer. The work you do at our facility can help ensure a lifetime of holistic mental health and well-being.
Residents of New Mexico are no longer required to pay a copay or deductible when seeking treatment at Life Healing Center, according to the latest insurance deductible law in New Mexico (NM SB 317). Senate Bill 317, which establishes the Health Care Affordability Fund, is designed to reduce the cost of medical expenses for low- and middle-income families. This new deductible law in New Mexico also means that insurance companies will pay an increased surtax, generating new revenue at the state level and giving New Mexico a unique opportunity to invest in affordable healthcare initiatives. This will make it easier for people who are seeking treatment for behavioral health conditions to get the help they need.
We accept commercial insurance.  

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